Scaling Parts And Bodies In Solidworks

Consider about a situation that you are drawing 3D design of a part in Solidworks from a technical drawing. In a technical drawing, parts can be illustrated with scales. You can obtain the 3D structure of a part in Solidworks, and scale it acccording to scale in technical drawing. In here, we will show you how to scale parts or bodies in Solidworks with ‘Scale’ command.

How To Open And Use ‘Scale’ Command In Solidworks?

Click on ‘Scale’ command in Solidworks.

To scale your part or body in Solidworks, hover your mouse on ‘Solidworks’ icon as shown by blue arrow above, come on ‘Insert’ from it then click on ‘Features’ section. Then click on ‘Scale’ command as shown in red box above.

Select ‘Scale About’ option.

After entering into the ‘Scale’ command, you can select the origin of your scaling from pop-up list above.

  • Centroid: The scaling is done according to center of mass of your part in Solidworks.
  • Origin: The scaling will be done in Solidworks according to origin point.
  • Coordinate System: You can select a coordinate system to scale your part.
Enter your scale factor.

Enter the scaling factor as shown by green arrow above. Scale factor greater than 1 will make bigger your part. Scale factor smaller than 1 make your part smaller.

Unselect uniform scaling.

If you unselect ‘Uniform Scaling’ option like above, you can scale your part or body according to X, Y and Z coordinates individually by entering scaling coefficients.

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Click on little ‘Yes’ button to complete scaling of your part in Solidworks. Do not forget to leave your comments and questions about scaling parts in Solidworks below. Your precious feedbacks are very important for us.


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