Selecting a SEO-Friendly Theme Manufacturing and Industrial Companies

Search engine optimization is one of the most important tools to appear in the first places in search engine inquiries. Manufacturing and industrial companies are heavily using SEO techniques to rank in first place in relevant keywords to their businesses. But, before starting SEO campaigns for manufacturing companies, you need to wisely choose a proper website theme for your company. 

How to Choose an SEO-Friendly Theme for Manufacturing Companies?

The theme must be well-organized and can show all the details about your manufacturing company. A proper website theme for a manufacturing company must include; 

  • Main Page: Main page that shows all the manufacturing services that a manufacturing company gives. 
  • Visuals: The main page must be visually attractive. It is very important in terms of the user experience on your website. On the main page, the remarkable visuals of your manufacturing or industrial company must-have. 
  • Contact Page: The theme that you selected for a manufacturing company must include a contact page and contact add-in, which visitors can reach you anytime and instantly. It is very important to give answers to your potential customer through these contact add-ins. 
  • Interesting UX: In-article pages must be interesting and non-distractive for the visitor. A visitor should see the visuals and contents directly. And they will contact you through these contents. 
  • Pagespeed: Pagespeed is a very important parameter. If your page is loading very slowly, the visitors will leave your website without looking at your articles about your manufacturing and industrial services. 
  • Updated Theme: The theme must be up-to-date for all the software versions that are used by different browsers. In different browsers, your theme must work properly. Your potential customers and visitors of your manufacturing and industrial company can reach your websşte and your services through different kinds of devices and browsers. 
  • Responsive Themes: Responsiveness of the selected theme for your industrial company is very important. It should work on all kinds of devices and browsers. 
  • Mobile-Friendly Themes: The selected website theme should have a mobile version of it. Once a visitor tries to reach your content from their mobile phones, the mobile version of the website must be opened. 

These are the general points to remember while selecting proper themes for manufacturing and industrial companies. 

Website Theme Examples for Manufacturing Industries

Check the theme examples that are suitable for manufacturing industries and are also very SEO-Friendly up-to-date themes.

Sunergy Theme

As you see in the photo above, it is a very professional business theme that applies to manufacturing industries. The general context given is sun energy systems but it can be converted into the corporate theme for manufacturing and industrial companies.
As you see, there are direct contact pages and an inquiry system in this website theme.

If you scroll down, you will see the attractive and visual expression of the services of a manufacturing site. It is a very good candidate for the main page of a manufacturing company. 

Check the Sunergy theme from here: Sunergy theme.

OilDrop Theme

This is another very good website theme example for manufacturing companies. On the main page, all the details about a manufacturing industry can be given as information boxes with attractive visuals. 

As you see above, it is a very mobile-friendly theme which is very important for SEO for your manufacturing company. 

Check this theme by yourself from here: OilDrop Theme

There are tons of other alternatives to SEO-friendly themes for manufacturing and industrial companies. 


These are the general principles to select an SEO-friendly theme for your manufacturing industries. 

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