Selecting Mesh Nodes And Elements In ANSYS Mechanical

Like selecting the geometric features, you can also select nodes and elements after the mesh creation in ANSYS® Mechanical. It is a very useful thing if you create a very specific mesh structure and attaching boundary conditions upon these mesh elements and nodes. You can see the explanation of how to select nodes and elements in ANSYS® Mechanical.

How To Select Nodes And Elements On ANSYS® Mechanical Mesh Structures?

Node selection in ANSYS® Mechanical.

Nodes are the intersection points between mesh elements that are created to solve FEA problems. If you select the selection option that is shown by the red arrow above, you can select the nodes by clicking with your mouse on the graphics window in ANSYS® Mechanical.

As you see in the graphics window, element nodes and element mid-side nodes are selected. You can assignforces, pressures, or other kinds of boundary conditions on these points.

Mesh elements selection in ANSYS® Mechanical.

With the other selection option as shown by the green arrow in ANSYS® Mechanical, you can select the mesh elements individually. You can also assign your boundary conditions on these elements in ANSYS® Mechanical.

As you see above in the green box, some of the mesh elements are selected by clicking with the mouse on them in ANSYS® Mechanical.


If you want to do multiple selections like the above examples, you can press on Shift Key+Mouse Click to select multiple elements in ANSYS®.


As you see above, it is very easy to work with mesh nodes and mesh elements in ANSYS® Mechanical.

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