Selecting Necessary Views On Technical Drawings

Preparing the required technical drawings professionally is a very important mastery for an engineer. There are lots of kinds of details to prepare successful technical drawings in manufacturing zones. You need to consider and take care of these details. Mechanicalland provides various kinds of articles about technical drawing to show all of these details! 

One of these details is selecting required views for a part of a technical drawing. You need to take special care about the selection of the necessary views for your designed part. You should not use extra and unnecessary views and you should not use the deficient amount of views about your part. Here we explain how to select enough amount of views for your different manufacturing parts. 

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What Is ‘View’ In Technical Drawing? 

If you think about general geometries and parts, there are various perspectives and views that you can look on the details. For example, you can look from the ‘front side of the part to see the required details. But other details must be seen at the ‘top’ side. Also ‘right’ and ‘left’ sides of that part can include important details. All of these ‘sides’ of a part are the ‘views’ of that part. 

You need to select necessary views from these various viewing options to show all the details related to the mechanical part. 

How To Select Necessary Views For A Technical Drawing?

You can consider the factors mentioned below to select the necessary and required views for a technical drawing. 

  • You need to show all the details of your part to the readers of your technical drawing. You need to decide which kinds of geometrical and mechanical details that the views include. Be aware that a feature can appear in multiple views. You must not show the same information related to your part multiple times. 
  • Do not refrain from using additional section views on your technical drawings. You need to show all the required details and data to the technical drawing reader. 
  • The right view is always preferred over the left view of the part. In technical drawing literature, right views are much more common compared with left side views. But they generally show the nearly same information. 
  • If your part includes long parts or long sections, you need to show them in the horizontal direction on your technical drawing sheet. 
  • Also, the top view of a part is preferred over the bottom view of it. It is just like the relationship between right and left views. It’s about the general principles of technical drawing in the sector. 

Take a look at the examples through the article that we attached from a very important book related to technical drawing. We strongly recommend acquiring one of these books to be a companion for you in your career and study life! 

Technical Drawing with Engineering Graphics

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Selecting the necessary views for your technical drawing is very simple by considering these facts above! 

Do not forget to leave your comments and questions below about showing necessary views on your technical drawings!


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