What is SEO? – Complete SEO Guide

What is SEO? – Complete SEO Guide

Hello to everyone, in this post, we will explain the general and important points of SEO applications in web design. It will be a very good starting point for beginners in this area. After this point, you will be able to assess the general aspects of SEO applications on an industrial basis.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization


SEO is the acronym for “Search Engine Optimization” which means optimizing web pages or websites according to the search engine algorithms. Search engine algorithms always try to show the best results for the people who are searching for terms. So, you need to provide the best results in terms of the user experience to appear in the first results.

SEO is the general field that makes the website or web page appear in the first results in the search queries. So, the main objective is the apply the general methods to achieve this thing. We need to take special care of this issue.

Most people perceive SEO as a magic wand that takes a website to the first results of search engine queries. But is it not like that? Every time good SEO campaign aims for the best user experience for the visitors. Not for the search engines. Because search engine algorithms are developing day by day to reach the best user experiences that the visitors can have from the pages.

And also, there are lots of people that have SEO services that are promising the appear in the first places in queries for most people in a short way. They are generally using bad SEO practices such as black hat SEO. You do not need to trust these kinds of services anytiöme.

Most important point is, that you need to apply the SEO according to the Google terms of service. There are very important and strict rules of the internet and web publishers. And most of the bad SEO campaigns are violating these rules. If you violate these rules while you are applying your campaign, it will not be good for your business.

Why the SEO is Important?

In today’s world, most people are using the internet to search for their needs. They are making lots of queries on Google and other search engines then find the best services and products that they are searching for. So, businesses that have very good internet interfaces get their people to make their customers online. On the other side, businesses that do not have good internet appearances will miss this chance. So, the importance of SEO emerges in this aspect.

But also, having a şnternet interface only is not sufficient for all the time. People should find your website or your internet interface through some channels. So, SEO is one of the most effective ways to obtain these users and visitors. You are applying a successful SEO campaign to take the visitors in your niche to your website. Your website and web page that gives important information about tour business or service will appear in the first results of the search engine queries. And your potential customers are finding your page through them.

So, as you understand that the importance of SEO comes from this aspect. You will probably reach all the potential customers online with the help of SEO campaigns.

How do Other People Find You on Internet?

Google search results.

There are several ways to make other people find you on the internet. One of the most common things is social media marketing. Most people are using social media today. And they get interacted with social media accounts and posts every day. If you appear in the niche topics of social media, you will interact with the potential customers that are using social media. But the main drawback of social media is, that there is no such place to work out and get successful. You need to run paid advertising campaigns to get successful.

The other important way to achieve potential customers on the internet is the web page appearance. Also, the most important advantage of SEO over the social media campaign, is you can directly aim at users who are directly searching for the products and services. But in social media, users are not generally searching for services and products. So, your aim is more accurate in SEO campaigns.

And also, SEO provides much more to work with. Your main aim is the appearance of the first results in search engine queries. But if we look from the viewpoint of holistic SEO, there are lots of kinds of areas that we can work on to overcome potential rivals. You will see these different areas below.

Direct Increase in Customer Portfolio

Customers in SEO.

If you are running a business and looking for an SEO campaign, and if you will succeed, your customer portfolio will directly increase. Because, with the application of an SEO campaign, you created a new channel where people can find your business and products by directly searching through the search engines.

As we stated above, the aim for the people is much more accurate if we compare it with the other kinds of advertisement options. You are directly aimed at people who are searching for a specific term that is about your business and your products. And if they visit your website because you appeared in the first results, you will get a potential customer.

Also, another important advantage of SEO over conventional advertising techniques, it is more accurate and more long-term oriented. For example, you need to pay daily for a banner ad in a crowded street. There are lots of people passing by near these banner ads. And there is no warranty that the people who are interested in your products and services that you are giving in your banner ad. You are paying daily for this ad. When you stop paying, they will remove this banner from that ad panel.

And Also;

But, you are not paying any money for SEO campaigns to appear in the first search results. This is the main advantage. And all the people who are seeing your website with these search queries are interested in your products and services. You have lots of tools and lots of technical things that you can do to appear in the first results of these search queries. Maybe, you can pay the money you spent on the SEO services to make them appear in the first results. But once you take the first place in search engines, the first place is yours after that point. You do not need to sacrifice so much effort and money to stay in the first place. And this will give lots of traffic and customers.

So, the investments that you made in SEO are not vanity investments that you are making. It is the best form of advertisement and marketing around the other kinds of marketing techniques.

People Start to Know You with SEO

This is a very important thing for your business. Because, if people do not know about your business or services in a specific field, they will not suggest your system to others who are interested in these products and services. The most important effect of SEO is this.

After a successful SEO campaign for your business, there will be lots of people that will visit your website without any intreaction or contact with you. But it is not a successful thing. From now on, these people know about your brand and products. If they consider buying or taking these services, they will consider your brand and contact you.

Also, these people are very important potential that they can suggest your brand and your service to other people who are searching for. So, it will be very useful for your business.

Because of that, the people’s awareness of your brand will drastically increase thanks to an SEO campaign.

You, Will, Keep Up with Times

We are living in a technology and internet era. So, it is very important to have an internet and social media appearance to reach people. Hiring expensive stores places in crowded streets is not today’s advertisement strategy. In today’s world, people are not on the streets, they are on the internet searching for what they need.

If you have a successful internet interface, you will be very successful by taking the people from the internet as customers. If you apply a successful SEO campaign, you will keep up with the times.

The biggest brands and businesses are making SEO campaigns and investments to take the biggest portion of the internet customers. You are also probably one of them who is buying products or services from the internet. So, it is very important to make investments in SEO campaigns.

Also, if you learn it well, you can do it alone.

SEO Guarantees the Long-Term Success for Businesses

Success with SEO.

The most important thing we need to consider about SEO strategies, they are long-term investments. Taking first place in the search queries will take a little bit of time. Because search engines do not directly allow the websites or web pages to take the first places. They need to prove themselves to take these places.

If you are running a local business, taking first place in the local search queries will not take long times. Approximately it will take several months according to the rivalry in the specific keyword.

But once you take the top place in the search engine rankings, staying in the top place will not be harder than taking the first place. You just need to keep updated your website and web page to stay in the top places. And in the long run, you will gain lots of customers through these pages.

Actually, in every place of life, long-term investments are always winning. All the business owners think about the long run.

People Will Trust Your Brand

This is another important effect of the SEO campaign on your business. People that see the first results at the search queries are more tend to trust you. Because you created very good landing pages and web pages you are explaining all the points about you and your business. And this professionalism will create very good trust in your customers.

This trust will improve your prestige around the people. And people will think that your brand is the best one that serves their services or products to their customers. It shows, how you seriously handle your business.

How to Apply a Succesful SEO Campaign?

This is the maybe most important point about SEO that are people asking. A long-term and successful SEO strategy is not an easy thing. You need to learn and use the different kinds of internet and web development tools. But learning them is not hard as you think.

First of all, we need to understand how the search engine works. If we understand how they work, it will be very easy to understand the general aspects of SEO campaigns.

Search engines have lots of bots or crawlers which are continuously roaming around the web pages on the internet. Their duty is, to find the new pages and add them to the search engine indexes. And also, these crawlers have algorithms to arrange the web pages in the specific search queries. So, bots are crawlers are the main characters of the search engines.

Search engines are always aiming for the best and most rich results for the people who are making search queries. So, their main objective is to make the people satisfied with the results. And they have algorithms according to this way to make people satisfied with their search queries.

These algorithms are changing day by day and year by year. Search engines become more and more intelligent to select and show the best results to the people. So these are the general working principles of search engines in general.

If we consider all of these factors about search engines, there are three important branches of holistic SEO;

If you are willing to run a successful SEO campaign, you need to deal with all of these three factors at the same time. This requires very important expertise in general. Let’s take a closer look at these three important things.

Technical SEO

Google crawlers.

In technical SEO, we are generally dealing with the crawlability of our internet pages. First of all, we need to be sure that our internet pages can be crawlable. Otherwise, you create lots of kinds of pages and websites, but you are not ranking and indexing. Why? Because your crawlability adjustments are not well.

Crawlability is actually about allowing search engine crawlers to go thorugh and index the pages that they visit. There are special options to make a page or website crawlable or not. It is very important to achieve a good technical SEO. These are the general things that we can adjust the crawlable or indexable pages in search engine bots;

  • Robots.txt file
  • “noindex” meta tag
  • Adding “Noindex” or “none” to HTTP X-Robots Tag Server Response

You can easily adjust the different kinds of crawlabilities with these adjustments. So, you will see that technical SEO is a basic thing.

Adjusting Robots.txt File

If you enter the sitename.com/robots.txt, you can view the robots.txt file of a website. This file is very important for search engines. Because you are adjusting the crawlability of your whole website with this file. In this file, there are important codes that you are directing the search engine bots to crawl the pages or not.

This is a very basic thing that you can easily make these adjustments. So, if you are dealing with not indexing and the crawling problem with your website by the search engines, it is better to take a look at the robots.txt file. And make important adjustments on that.

Adding “Noindex” to Meta Tag of Pages

Meta information is a very important thing that gives important information about a page. The crawlers are always looking to the meta tags of a web page to take the important technical information of a web page. The human visitors are not seeing the meta tags but crawlers see.

If you add a meta tag in your web pages that have “noindex”, the crawlers will not crawl your web page. This is the best way to prevent the pages from crawling by the search engines and being indexed.

On a website, you can have pages that you do not want to add indexes by the search engine. And you do not want to appear in the search results. So, you can use this adjustment to adjust the crawlabilities of the pages and posts.

Also, you may have crawling issues with your several web pages or post. You need to take a look at the noindex meta tags of these posts.

Adding “No-index” to HTTPS X-Robots Tag Server Response

Like the no-index tag in the meta tags of posts, adding no-index to HTTPS X-Robots Tag server response is another important way to prevent the posts to be crawled by the search engine bots.

This is an other important way to securely make the web pages and posts non-crawlable. So, if you want to securely make the non-indexable, you can use this method.

Or, if you have indexing and ranking issues with the different pages that you have, your posts and pages can have server responses “noindex” and you need to solve this issue.

So the extent of technical SEO, these are the general things that we need to know about. Before starting the SEO campaign of your service or business, you need to be sure about whether your web sites or pages are indexable or not.

On-Page SEO

After you are sure about the general adjustments and general applications of technical SEO for your pages, you can start your on-page SEO campaign. These are the elements that directly affect the SEO performance of your websites and pages. It is a very important thing you need to consider.

On-page SEO is the SEO developments that we can directly make to our web site or pages. The difference between this the technical SEO, we are not dealing with the crawlabilities of our pages. We are sure that this page will be şndexed by the search engines, and we are making SEO developments on them.

You can increase the SEO and search engine appearance performance directly with the on-page SEO. Here we will show the most important elements of on-page SEO that you need to know about.

Search Engine Crawling Cost

You know that even the biggest search engines have limited sources to crawl all the pages on the internet. There are millions and billions of internet pages around the net. And search engines must produce sufficient millions and billions of crawlers and bots which are constantly crawling the internet pages. So, this means a cost for a search engine.

So, we need to be sure about our pages are well-optimized for SEO. Because search engines are sending bots to crawl the pages on the internet regularly to see if there are any kinds of changes or updates. And rank these web pages in the search engines. If we are not creating web pages that are not SEO-optimized, this gives an extra burden on the search engines in terms of crawling.

In this case, search engines think that your web page is not creating worthy web pages to rank for. And start sending little crawlers which will affect your SEO performance. But also, if you have well-optimized and rich content and pages, search engines will classify your website as a high-quality content creator, and take special care of your website by sending extra crawlers. So the importance of on-page SEO emerges here.

And also, it is very important to adjust the pages that you do not want to rank as non-indexable. And this prevents the extra cost that search engines will spend for these not rankable pages. Think about a search engine sending crawlers to your 100 web pages which 50 are not important to rank for you. And think that search engines sending crawlers of these 50 pages to another important 50 pages. Your SEO performance will increase because of this factor.

Importance of Original Contents in SEO

Originality is important in SEO.

This will may be the most classical SEO method that you need to have original content and web pages. If you copy a web page or content from other sources on the internet, there are no any kinds of chance for you to rank in higher places.

There are lots of kinds of web pages that copy content to get great results in search engines. But, it is not a good idea. Because the search engine algorithms are very good at detecting plagiarism.

If you create copy content from other sources, you are wasting your time. Because all your labor will be dumped by search engines. You will be marked by the search engine as the spammer website. After that point, if you share any original articles, you can not rank in higher places.

Also, there are different tools such as article rewriters to obtain original content from other kinds of articles. This is also not a good idea to make. Because probably the algorithms of Google and other major search engines are good from these article rewriters. In the long term, you will face bad penalties from Google.

The best way to create original content is to write them by yourself. If you create the titles and paragraphs yourself, there is no reason to obtain copied content. Also, you can check the plagiarism of your content if you are in doubt. There are lots of free plagiarism checkers on the internet.

Keywords Research and Planning

Keyword research in SEO.

This is the first important step in an on-page SEO campaign that you need to make. You need to make keyword research and the search engine queries through these keywords will provide useful traffic about your niche and business. So, it is very important to define the keywords and look for these keywords that are searched by the people.

First of all, you need to consider the low competition keywords to rank for. These keywords are generally more specific keywords but the highest niche keywords. And if you provide services or information on these specific keywords and niches, the conversion rates of these keywords will be higher than the general high competition keywords.

And also, ranking with these low-competition keywords will be easier if we compare it with the other high-competition keywords. Furthermore, these keywords are generally in long-tail form.

For example, the keyword “shoes” is a very high competition keyword that biggest shoe shops and shoe sellers in the world are investing in this high competition keyword to take the first rank. It will be probably very very hard for you to rank in this keyword.

But, if you consider the “Shoes” for children with Spider-Man print” keyword which is highly specific about the shoe market. And if you create a very good web page that gives detailed information and models to users, the conversion rate will be very high.

And also, ranking for this keyword will be very easy.

On top of that, if we consider the local businesses that are working in a specific region, the keyword competition is generally low for them. For example, think about the keyword “shoe sellers in California” in which the keyword competition will be lower than the other ones.

Content Management and Creation of Web Pages

This is the second and one of the most important steps in the on-page SEO activities. After accurately selecting the keywords that you will work on them, you need to plan the contents that you need to create to rank for keywords.

Do not forget the fact that, search engines are always trying to rank the better content and web pages that offer the riches results and information to internet users. So, you need to consider the user experience while you are creating your web pages.

And also, you need to decide how many contents and pages you need to have to compete for the keywords that you selected. It will be better to make a plan as an inverse pyramid structure. First of all, you need to start from the basics of your business.

Start to explain the basics and specific things and posts about your business. After creating them, start to explain the general idea that you want to give your audience with the main pages. And link the specific pages to these main pages to obtain a logical internal link structure.

Using Keywords in Web Pages

This is also a very important thing that you need to make clear. You need to use the keywords that you select to rank in your content and web pages. But this use must be natural. If you make keyword stuffing the search engines will detect them directly and you can not get ranked in the top places.

Keyword stuffing is a very important thing that you need to avoid. Using too much of the same keyword in your text will not make your page rank higher. Also, it is a very old tactic that most web pages were using in the old times. But in today’s technology of search engines, it will not work.

It is not possible to give an exact proportion that how many times we need to use keywords in the content. And how much the ratio must be. But, it is very important not to exceed 5% in general applications.

After you adjust and make the important options to give the keywords in your web page or content, the search engines will crawl your content and rank it in this specific keyword.

As you see above using the selected keywords in a post requires a special expertise. This optimization is very important.

Importance of Visuality on Pages

As we stated above, the user experience is the most important thing that you need to consider in your pages and websites. So, it is very important to use visual elements that express your writing visually. People tend to spend less time reading texts. And if you have enough visuals on your pages that state your information with visual data, the number of people who will stay on your page and interact with your page will be higher. And it will be a higher possibility that people contact you if you are serving service or product.

You can increase the visuality of your pages with the web page design. You can use colorful and interesting themes and CSS elements while you are serving the information. So, there are different ways to obtain very strong and good pages.

Also, adding photos that describe the information that you are providing for the users will be very satisfying. So, visitors and people will not get bored with the information that you serve on your web pages.

As you understand, adjusting the ratio of visuality and the writings in your pages is very important to conduct a very good SEO campaign.

Importance of Readability

Readable articles and posts are also very important in terms of on-page SEO and user experience. The articles and posts must have very good readability factors that you need to care about. There are different kinds of factors that affect the readability of your articles.

The first important thing that we need to consider is, that the use of the H-tags must be decent. The H-tags start from H1 to H6. According to the hierarchy, the H1 is the title tag of the pages. You need to use only 1 H1 tag which will be your SEO title. And you need to arrange the sub-titles for your article as H2. And the more detailed titles must have H3. So, you need to create a hierarchy between the post titles logically.

And the distribution of the subheadings is very important. Between the subheadings, the general recommendation is to have 300-500 words maximum. Otherwise, it will appear very hard.

Also, you do not suppose to use passive voices in your articles and web pages. Most of the writers fall into the same fault. They are using passive voices in their articles. Passive voices are the formal way of the English language that is generally used in scientific and highly technical documents. And reading these passive voices is harder than the normal voice. But we are not serving our pages to scientists or technicals. We are serving the average people. So, it is very important to exclude the passive voice to obtain more readable articles and web pages.

And also, the sentences should not be long. If you are building long sentences to explain your ideas or services, it will make the readable hard also. So, it is very important to construct your sentences more shortly.

Use of Transition Words

Linking the sentences with transition words such as “So, Otherwise, Also, Furthermore…” will make the readability of your web page will be much easier for the readers. So, it is very important to have these transition words to keep your audience’s attention on your text.

But, do not overuse the transition words in your sentences. this will make it not a natural way the use the English language which can appear weird to the readers.

Do not Use Consecutive Sentences in Your On-Page SEO

It is a very important bullet in the on-page SEO campaign. If you use consecutive sentences that start with the same word, this will increase the non-readability of the text. And it will distract the readers. Also, the general recommendation is, to use the same word at the beginning of the sentences only for two maximum.

Your paragraphs also must be short enough to make the copy readable and also they must be long enough to not make the topic scattered. Also, the general recommendation of the length of the paragraphs is around 5-6 sentences.

Do not Use Complex Words

As we stated above, we are preparing our web pages for people who are average in general. So, if we create complex web pages to read, people will not bother to read them. They will change to another web result in the search engines.

So, it is very important to use basic words instead of complex words. If you use complex words, the harder the people get the message of your text. And try to find the basic meanings of your words if there are complex ones.

Outbound links are the links that you are giving the links to other pages that make your web page or information stronger. They are very important to give as references or extra information for users.

Search engines give special care to the relevance of your text with the general context of your title or keywords. For example, there are lots of web page creators that are using keywords but not writing relevant topics to hold the page long. Sometimes, they can be successful with this trick but by giving relevant outbound and logical links about your topic in your text, the more you say to a search engine that your text is all about the relevant topics.

Also, the outbound links must be too powerful and reliable web pages whşch are relevant to you. And you need to make them do-follow. If you make your important outbound links do-follow, the search engine bots will follow these links and consider them in terms of SEO.

You can also give no-follow outbound links which are not important in terms of SEO.

Internal Linking Structure

Also, creating an internal linking structure is very important for your web site in terms of on-page SEO. This is because you create a logical structure that the visitors and search engine crawlers can follow. Search engine crawlers find the pages you have through the links. So, it is very important to obtain a logical internal linking structure.

We stated the importance of the inverse-pyramid content strategy. Firstly, you start with the most basic aspects of the topic that you serve and you give information about it. And you need to start to write about very specific topics to aim to the most specific keywords that you defined. After creating these web pages, create the most general cornerstone content that aims for the highest competition keyword. And then, internally link the smaller content to the biggest content.

In this case, you create a very logical information structure for the visitors so that they can easily reach all the information that they need about your services or products. And also, give a very good crawling route for the search engine bots. This is the most effective way to create successful business web pages in general.

Also, all the internal links must be do-follow so that the crawlers will follow these links to crawl the other pages that you have.

Meta Description

The meta description is the very important thing that once the visitors are searching for a term in search engines, the meta description appears below the SEO title. You can see the meta descriptions below.

Meta description example.

This is a very important description that you need to write to entice the searches to visit your website. And also, you need to write the keyword at least one time in your meta description. Because search engines are looking at the meta descriptions also when they categorize your pages.

The length of the meta description is also very important. The nominal length of a meta description must be around 150 characters. So, it will be much easier to obtain a specific and optimized meta. Because search engines are showing only these character lengths of meta at the search queries.

In terms of on-page SEO, it is a very important part of your SEO performance. But most of the time, if you do not enter any kind of meta descriptions, the search engines will create meta descriptions automatically.

As we stated above, if you make the jobs of search engines easier, they will make your business easier. If you give all the information that the search engines need, it will be much easier to index and rank your post or web pages.

Importance of SEO Title

Like the meta description, the SEO title is also very important. You need to obtain the most enticing SEO title that makes the visitor click on your post in the search engine queries. So, it is very important to have these queries in general.

The first rule about SEO titles, the title must start with the keyword that you defined. And the title goes on with enticing words that make the visitor visit your website.

Also, the SEO title must not be long too. If it is long too, it will be meaningless. Because, in the search engine queries, the title will not show all. So, it is better to have titles up to 50 characters and a minimum of 20 characters. This will be the most optimum length.

Selecting a Proper Schema

Schemas are very important in terms of the rich results in Google and other search engines. We explained that if you give rich results and information in your articles and post, it is a higher probability to rank higher in the search results.

Also, if you provide which type that your web page or post to Google, they will rank your page in different and more relevant result pages.

For example, there are different kinds of page types that you can inform the search engines. These types are generally;

  • Web Page,
  • Item Page,
  • About Page,
  • FAQ Page
  • QA Page
  • Profile Page
  • Contact Page
  • Medical Web Page
  • Collection Page
  • Checkout Page
  • Real Estate Listings
  • Search Results Page

So, if your web page is about one of these categories, it is better to inform the search engines about them. So, ranking in search engines will be much easier in this way. For example, if you created a web page that consists of information about medical information about your medical company, and if you select the page type as “Medical Web Page”, it will be much better for Google and other search engines to rank this post in relevant search queries.

Also, you can select a proper schema for the articles that you are posting on your web site. The general types are;

  • Article,
  • Default,
  • Blog Post,
  • Social Media Posting,
  • News Article,
  • Advertiser Content Article,
  • Satirical Article,
  • Scholarly Article,
  • Tech Article,

So, it will be better to select the proper schema for your article to make the search engine algorithms much easier.

Off-Page SEO Activities

Up to this point, we explained the most important aspects of the on-page SEO activities. These are the general important points about the SEO activities that we can influence.

So, we can explain the general off-page SEO activities. They are the important activities outside of web site that affect the SEO performances of our web sites. We can understand that they are the external factors that are affecting our performance which is very important in terms of SEO. Maybe, search engines directly perceive these factors as direct user experience to rank the pages.

In general, two factors are affecting the off-page SEO of the websites;

  • Backlinks from other websites.
  • Social media interaction.

So, as you see above, they are the external factors that affect our SEO performance.

Backlinks are the outbound links of other websites on the internet that direct to our web pages. They are very important factors in the ranking of our website and SEO performance. The search engine algorithms perceive the backlinks as “this web page provides very useful information that the users are linking this page in their web sites or forum sites”. So, it is a very powerful metric that search engines use as a ranking factor.

But we need to state that, the backlinks must be natural. Backlinks must be naturally created by the other users. So, you do not have any influence on the natural backlink gaining for your website.

Some people are buying backlinks from other web pages to link their websites on these pages. So, they expect to rank higher in search engine queries. But, it is not a natural process and the search engine algorithms will understand what you are doing.

Also, there are services out there that are selling backlinks from lots of kinds of websites that are generally irrelevant to your website and niche. This is an also old-school method to try to rank higher in the search engine results. It is very easy to detect these unnatural activities through search engines.

So, we recommend that you do not need to influence this issue. If you create high quality content that serves the best for the visitors and users, you will probably rank higher in the search engine results. And people will share your article and post on their websites.

Importance of Social Media

In today’s world, most people are using social media. So, social media is a very important tool to advertise your products and services of your business. You can have very good feedback and traffic from social media.

Also, if your website has very good social media interactions, it will positively affect your SEO performance. Because search engines can detect the social media traffic to your posts which will make your posts will rank higher in the search engine results.

And also, if the organic visitors will share your posts and articles on their social media accounts, it will be very good for your SEO performance. Because search engines will perceive this factor as “This post is good enough that visitors are sharing this in their social media accounts. So it will be better to rank this post higher.”

If we consider all of these factors, it is better to have very good social media buttons on your web page so that organic visitors can follow your accounts. And you must be very active on social media for the visitors. And also, each post must be easily shared on social media systems. You must have an easy “Share” button for different social media platforms so that the users easily share them.

Furthermore, it will be very effective to conduct a social media campaign for your web page or brand.

Important User Experience Metrics that Affect the SEO Performance

Social media is important in SEO.

As we stated above, there are different kinds of factors that are affecting SEO performance. And all of these factors are related to the user experience. Because search engine algorithms are working the improving the user experience of the searchers. They are trying to show the best and most rich results that will solve their problems.

Above all, there are also important metrics that affect your SEO performance which the search engines are considerate about them. So, you need to take special care of these metrics. These metrics are;

  • Total visitors
  • Bounce rate
  • Pages per visitor
  • Average visit time

These four metrics are very important for a web page that is serving content and pages to users. After a while, these metrics will be very important in terms of SEO performance. If these metrics are good enough, search engine algorithms will think about these websites “The user experience is very good for that website. So, so I need to rank the pages of these websites higher.”. Let’s take a closer look at these metrics.

Total Visitors

Total visitors are the visitors that your website is receiving from different sources such as referrals, direct, social media, or organic. The total number of visitors that your website has a very important effect on SEO performance. Maybe you can think that I need to rank first to increase the total number of visitors. That’s true but, you need to share articles and web pages every time to increase the total visitors that you have.

Search engines will perceive these websites as they have very good authority and that they are worthy to increase the rankings of the new web pages to higher places.

Also, there are people to try to make deceive the search engines by increasing their visitors by using bot traffics. There are services that they are selling bot traffics. These bot traffics are computers and they are generally coming from a direct source with any social media or search query. So, it is not a natural or organic increase in traffic. Search engines are very good at detecting these kinds of traffic. And their algorithm will hit you because you are trying to deceive the algorithms.

It is better to have total visitors as organic or social media visitors which are real people. So, search engines will work themselves in terms of it.

Bounce Rate

Image Source: CXL

Bounce rate is a metric that shows the total number of visitors that are coming to your web page and exiting without any interaction with your web page. This phenomenon is called “bounce”. So they are bouncing from your web page. This is a very important metric that negatively affects your SEO performance. If the bounce rate is high, the search engines will understand it as, “Visitors are not finding this website useful and they are not interacting with it.”

But, you can have pages only have information for the users. Users do not need to interact with your page and there is no intent of interaction with your page. In this case, bounce rate can be not an important metric for search engines.

In general, it is better to have bounce rates below 50%. So, this is a very good percentage that the visitors give the important amount of interaction to your web site. This will positively affect your SEO performance. And also, it is not recommended to have over 85% of bounce rates. Otherwise, the SEO performance of your website will be lower.

To decrease the bounce rate, it is very important to have useful web pages. And also, using meaningful internal link structures make the visitors click and take information from these links on your web site. So, this will decrease the bounce rate of your website.

Also, it is better to have some kinds of elements on your web site that visitors interact with. For example, calculation tools, interactive contact pages, etc. will help to decrease the bounce rate of your web page.

Pages Per Visitor

This is the inverse positive metric that affects your SEO performance positively. If the total number of pages that a visitor visit is higher, the bounce rate will be lower and the pages for the visitor will increase. So, the higher number of pages per visitor means higher SEO performance.

Also, the efficiency of your web pages increases with the increasing page per visitor. You are showing all the possible web pages for each visitor coming to your website. So, the performance of the other pages increases with the increasing number of pages per visitor.

But also, there are some search engine manipulation tactics that most people are using to increase the pages per visitor and decrease the bounce rate. They are directing unnatural bot traffic to their websites and make these bots click on the links or interactive elements. So, they manipulate the pages per visitor and bounce rate metrics. But these kinds of things are very old school. And search engine algorithms are very clever to detect this kind of deceivings. And if you do not want to get penalized by search engines, it is better to do not to use these kinds of toxic tactics.

If you want to increase the number of pages per visitor, you just need to apply the same methods to decrease the bounce rate. In this case, the SEO performance will be organically.

Average Visit Time

This is another important user experience metric that affects your SEO performance positively. If the average visit time per visitor is higher, the SEO performance of your website will be higher.

We stated that some of the pages may have higher bounce rates. Because the only reason for these pages is for informative purposes. But if the average visit times of these pages are higher, the search engines will perceive these pages as “The bounce rate can low. But the average visit time of this page is high. So, the users find some useful information in these pages.”. So, average visit time is a very important metric that you can consider if your bounce rates are quite high.

In general, for blogs, the bounce rates can be higher if we compare them with the forum sites. But the average visit times can be higher for the blog sites. So, they can compete şn these metrics with different websites.

Also, there are deceivers manipulate the average visit times of their websites by directing bots. Bots stay on their web sites for long periods to make the web sites increase the average visit time. But again, these kinds of tactics are very old-school tactics that we are not recommended to use. Because the search engine algorithms are clever enough to detect these kinds of traffic to your website. So, it is very important to have these metrics naturally.

To increase the average visit time, you need to create much more engaging content. With these contents, you can hold the visitor in your content at higher times. So, the average visit times will soar.

So, these are every important metrics that you need to consider about your web pages.

Malicious SEO Tactics that Penalized by Google

Black hat SEO.

From the information that we give to you, you have a general idea about the malicious SEO tactics that lots of people are applying to their websites. They are trying to rank higher in a short way without dealing with all the aspects of SEO that we explained above. But in the long run, these tactics will not be effective as you expect. Because the algorithms of search engines becoming more and more clever.

And the search engines will detect these kinds of malicious SEO tactics and penalize your system. Also, we call these SEO tactics as Black Hat SEO tactics. So, in the long run, these SEO tactics will badly affect your SEO performance for your company.

You will lose all the investöents that you make for the website building and SEO campaigns if the search engines penalize you. Also, you will lose all the customer streams from the strong web pages that you have. Furthermore, the prestige of your company will be badly affected by these issues. People start to think that, you are ambitious in terms of short-term profit, and they will not trust your brand.

So, if you are managing a business on your web site or selling prıducts, we are strongly not recommending to use these Black Hat SEO tactics. Do not waste all of your investments and time that you spend to build a very successful web site that gives very useful traffic to you for short-term profits. Search engine algorithms are very clever and they will find out that you are applying these malicious tactics.

Here we will give the general Black Hat SEO tactics that will be very harmful to your SEO campaign.

As we stated above, backlinks are very important for your SEO campaign. You need to have a high quality of backlinks to improve and get the first results in the search engines.

But some SEO practitioners are trying to buy links from other internet sites to get into higher positions. This is a very common black hat SEO tactic that search engines are generally prohibited it. Because it can deceive the search engine algorithms that your page is performing well. But, you are unnaturally taking links from other sites.

Some of them make it by taking guest posts from other relevant websites. And other ones are taking backlinks from the bulk of irrelevant websites. These two are malicious tactics that will be harmful to your SEO campaign in the long run. Search engines are very clever today to detect unnatural things.

We recommend you create high-quality and user-friendly content that gives detailed and rich information about what you are offering. So, visitors will find this information very interesting and share this article in different sources, on their web sites, or on social media accounts.

This is also another common link-building tactic from other websites. Web site owners are taking links from other relevant web sites with money. Also, they are exchanging links between themselves. So, it is also a malicious SEO tactic that will affect your SEO performance in the long run. We are recommending giving links from the footer section or taking links from the footer section of the other websites.

Embedding hidden links are also a very common practice that most people are trying to make. The hidden links are the backlinks to other websites that search engine crawlers see but the visitors can not see. People think that this procedure makes their web site will appear in the first place on search engines. But, search engines are clever enough to find out these deceivings.

In your posts, you can directly give a do-follow link to a reliable web page where you use information about them. This is a natural building of links. But do not create hidden links in your website and another web site to yours. Search engines will apply very bad sanctions once they detect these malicious tactics.

Comment Spams

Comments are very important for search engines that they perceive as good user feedback. And the best articles and web pages have lots of comments if they are at the top of the search engine results. So, if you create spam comments on your web pages, or there are spam comment attacks on your web page, you will probably face lots of sanctions on a page basis.

Your page probably will be dumped from the search engine queries. So, you need to try to make everything natural. Just create interesting and rich web pages, and leave the readers to make comments about this page.

Keyword Stuffing

Naturally mentioning keywords in your text and web page is a very important thing that you need to consider. You need to use the keywords in a natural way to build your website. So, it is very important to overuse the keyword on your page. Otherwise, the web page with keyword stuffing will not be able to rank in higher places.

Just use the keywords that you defined for your web page naturally. And do not excessively use this keyword which will lead to keyword stuffing problems on your page.

Article Spinning

We stated that the originality of your content is very important in terms of search engines. Search engines are very good to detect plagiarised content from other websites. So, it is very important to have non-plagiarised content on your website.

Some SEO practitioners are trying to spin the articles by using article spinning applications available internet. They think that these article spinners are more clever than Google and other major websites. So, eventually, it is inevitable to search engines will mark these articles as plagiarised content. Because when you plagiarise content with spinning, the general structures of these contents stay the same. So, it will not be hard for search engines to detect these articles.

Just create content with your interpretation by using different kinds of sources. You do not need to know about the topic that you are writing about. You just need to have enough sources that you are using as knowledge bases. So, you just combine and interpret this knowledge to create and obtain more interesting web pages and articles.

Doorway Pages

This was also a very common type of black hat SEO tactic. People are opening web pages and creating backlinks to their web pages to increase their SEO performance. But, this is an unnatural way to create backlinks to your website. So, we are not recommending these kinds of tactics. Because the search engines will detect them eventually. And your page and you will face very bad penalties and sanctions which will be very harmful to your SEO campaign.

Leave your pages to visitors and other website owners so that they create backlinks naturally to your websites and web pages. Leave everything to happen naturally.

Duplicate Content

This is also another important SEO tactic that you need to refrain from. Duplicate contents are very common in most blog websites that are using the same content and article for slightly different objects. For example, you are marketing a black t-shirt on your web page. And you create a completely same page for marketing the white t-shirt. So, the search engines will detect these contents are duplicate contents and both two pages will not able to rank in the search queries.

Maybe you need to use the same content to market the same products with different similarities. So, we recommend you create meta information that states this article is a “canonical” article for that “article”. So, search engines will not consider these pages as duplicate content, and the main article will go on ranking.

Be Aware Of the Anti-SEO Tactics to You

In the market, you have rivals. Your rivals are also trying to rank higher in search engine results. But also, there are Anti-SEO tactics that your rivals or competitors can apply to your system to dump you from the search engine results. Here, we explain the most general tactics of anti-SEO that you need to beware of.

Low-Quality Backlinking

This is the most common anti-SEO tactic that competitors are using against each other to prevent the websites from ranking higher than themselves. Some services give low-quality toxic backlinks in bulk if you pay for the price. So, they are pasting the links of your website or web pages to de-rank your pages n search engines. Because search engines consider the quality of the websites that you are linking in.

To deal with this problem, you need to make a regular backlinking audit for your website. It will be better if you look for the toxic backlinks and disavow these backlinks from Google Search Console. There are different kinds of tools that you can use to audit the toxic backlinks such as Ahrefs and Semrush. So, it will be very easy for you to disavow if there is a toxic backlink work for your website.

Duplicating Your Contents

Competitors have generally applied this method to new websites which are very good at producing high-quality web pages. They create fake web pages and copy your newly shared page and index them before you. After you share this article or web page, the search engines will detect these articles and posts as duplicate content. And these two pages can not rank at the top positions.

This is also a very important and common tactic that rivals and opponents are using against each other. They inform search engines like Google that your web pages infringe the copyright of them web pages you have. And they apply it continually to penalize your web pages.

But if your web pages are not copyrighted and you create web pages for good reasons, these copyright claims will be vanity. And also, they can claim that the images that you are using are copied and copyrighted. And also, we recommend using your images. Or create tables and charts to explain the content you have. Also, you can use the Creative Commons Licensed images which are open source and free to use.

As you see above, these are the most common tactics that the websites are using against you. You need to be aware of what your rivals and opponents can make for you. If you emerge as a successful system, they will probably attack you through these sources.

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As you see above, SEO is a very important tool for businesses and products to obtain all the possible customers through the internet. Because you are appearing in the search results of the niche people who are searching for services and products that you have. It is very important to have a very good SEO campaign.

There are three aspects of a successful SEO campaign. The first one the technical SEO, the second one is on-page SEO, and the third one the off-page SEO. So, it is very important to consider all of them if you are trying to appear in the first search results. We call this a holistic SEO strategy.

Also, there are important user experience metrics that search engines generally use. They are very important metrics that give insights into the general behavior of people on your page. So, you need to create web pages to improve these metrics to make the authority of your page higher.

And also, do not use malicious SEO tactics to rank in higher positions. Because these are the unnatural way to promote your web pages on the search engine algorithms. Eventually, the search engine algorithms will detect these unnatural activities and ban you from the search results.

You need to be aware of the anti-SEO tactics that your competitors can apply to you. If you are not aware of them, you will probably face low rankings and low ranking expectations.

These are the general points on SEO. Finally, do not forget to leave your comments and questions below about this topic.

Your precious feedbacks are too important to us.

FAQs About SEO

What do you mean by SEO?

This is the acronym word for “Search Engine Optimization”. This is a specific discipline and field to create the best pages in specific topics and niches to provide the best user experience to the visitors of web pages or websites. By doing that, the search engine algorithms will place these pages at the top ranking points in the search queries.

What is SEO and how it works?

This is an important field that people are trying to appear in the first search results in the search engine queries. So, they will get much higher organic traffic from search engines. The general working principle of SEO, we are to create web pages and websites that fit with the general user experience expectations of the search engines. So, it is a very different discipline if we compare it with other advertising and marketing strategies.

What is SEO for a beginner?

For beginners, this article will be a very good starting point for most of the people who are starting to learn about SEO. So, it will be very easy to understand the general metrics of the SEO for beginners. And it is very important to understand the general purpose of the SEO campaigns.

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