Shafts are very important mechanical elements in mechanical design that are used to transmit mechanical energy by rotation. So, the rotation of shafts takes place with the application of torque. According to the application of torque and the rotation speed, the shaft transmits an amount of power. Here, we will show the power transmission calculations of shafts with the calculator. Furthermore, you will see that, shaft work calculation is very simple.

Shafts are very important for power transmission.
A cardan shaft(Image Source: Wikimedia.).

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How to Calculate the Shaft Work? 

Firstly, the calculation of the shaft work is very simple. We use the equation below to calculate the shaft work; 

According to this equation, you need to know the total torque that is applied to rotate the shaft. With the applied torque, the rotational speed of the shaft is also very important. By putting the rotational speed and the torque values in the equation you can calculate the shaft work. 

The unit of torque is N.m or lb.ft in English units.  Unit of the revolution speed is the rev/min. The unit of the shaft work is W or ft⋅lbf/s.

As you understand from the shaft work equation, the total shaft work increases with the increasing rotational speed and the total torque that is applied to the shaft. 

Shaft Work Calculator

And also, we prepared a useful shaft work calculator to use in the calculations. In the design phase of different mechanical systems such as turbines, pumps, and gear systems. And you will make lots of shaft work and power calculations. Moreover this calculator will be very useful for complex calculations and will be very time-saving. 

Shaft Work Calculator

The use of the shaft work calculator is very simple. You just need o to enter the total torque that is applied to the shaft and the number of revolutions per minute of the shaft. Click on the ‘Calculate’ button to see the total shaft work. If you want to make another calculation, click on the ‘Reset’ button to reenter the new values. 


The basic principle of the shaft work and shaft work calculations is like above. Also, the shaft work calculator is very easy-to-use and useful. 

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