Sheet Standards In Technical Drawing In SI And US

The technical drawing is the common language of mechanics around the world. So, all the aspects of technical drawing must comply with the standards. Technical drawing sheets have also standards. Here you can find information about the technical drawing standards used in engineering. 

Technical Drawing Sheet Standards

The general standard sheet that all you know are used as standard sheets in technical drawing. These standards are used because of the printers that are generally produced to print these papers. You can look at the table below, which shows the technical drawing sheet standards. 

Drawing sheet standards table(Image Source: FREDERICK E. GIESECKE, SHAWNA LOCKHART, Technical Drawing With Engineering Graphics 15th Ed., Pearson, Pg.49).

From this table, you can see the dimensions of the standard papers used in both US and SI units. A4, A3, A2, A1, and A0 are the standard sheets in SI units. In technical drawing, the number of zones that the technical drawing is divided is shown. Margin values for these papers are also shown. 

A, B, C, D, and E standard papers for the US Customary units. The same features of these standard papers are shown in that table in US units. 

So, these are the general sizes of paper standards used in the world and technical drawing. 


Technical drawing paper standards can be explained like this. 

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