Shell Command In Siemens NX(Illustrated Expression)

It is very useful command that you can obtain 3D basket-like structures from basic 3D geometries in Siemens NX. In this article we will explain the use of ‘Shell’ command in Siemens NX and the all the features of this command. You can adjust the varying thicknesses for a box-like shapes as below with ‘Shell’ command.

How To Use Shell Command In Siemens NX?

Click on ‘Shell’ command in Siemens NX.

We will explain the ‘Shell’ command with a very basic example as you see above. We will create a baske or box liek structure from this very basic geometry in Siemens NX. To do this, click on ‘Shell’ command as shown by green arrow above in Siemens NX.

The use of ‘Shell’ command in Siemens NX.

You can think that the use of ‘Shell’ command is very complex by looking to the above. After entering into the ‘Shell’ command, select a face that will be removed in this command as shown by red arrow above.

You can enter a wall thickness for the geometry that is obtained by ‘Shell’ command from the green box above. The thickness value is shown by red arrow.

In ‘Alternate Thickness’ section, you can select faces in blue box and enter a wall thickness values as shown by magenta box to these faces. For example the first face is selected as shown by blue arrow above named ‘Tickness 1’ in the List.

When select your face and enter a thickness value in ‘Alternate Thickness’ section, you can add this face and thickness to the List by clicking on the little button as shown in magenta box above. After clicking on this on button, you can select a new face to define thickness as shown by orange arrow above.

You can select more than two faces to define different thickness value in ‘Alternate Thickness’ section in ‘Shell’ command.

‘Shell All Faces’ option in ‘Shell’ command.

Also you can select the ‘Shell All Faces’ option instead of ‘Remove Faces, then Shell’ as shown by orange arrow above in Siemens NX. In this option, you just select a body as shown by green arrow above, then specify a thickness value as shown in green box above. The geometry will turned into a hollow part that has a thickness.

Click on OK or Apply button to complete the ‘Shell’ operation in Siemens NX.

So, the use of ‘Shell’ command in Siemens NX is very basic like that. We can add another examples about ‘Shell’ command if you wish in the comments below. Also you can lwave your questions below!


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