Shell Command in Solidworks

In this article on Mechanicalland, we will show you how to convert 3D geometries in Solidworks to basket-like geometries with the Shell command in Solidworks. So, obtaining basket-like features is very easy by using this command in Solidworks.

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How to Use Shell Command in Solidworks?

Shell command in Solidworks is very useful. You can create different kinds of structures such as box-like shapes. You can obtain these shapes with conventional methods in Solidworks. But, the Shell command provides an easy way to do it. You just need to select the proper geometry for it and enter the values into the command.

Firstly, to obtain basket-like geometries in Solidworks, click on the Shell command as shown by the red arrow above.

Select the Required Parameters for Shell Command in Solidworks

Secondly, to use the Shell feature, select a face that will be the open side of the basket structure as shown by the red arrow above. Also, enter a Shell value from the red box region. And then, This value will be the Wall thickness of the Shell geometry.

Face selection is very important. Because it is critical to obtain where you want to obtain the open side of the box. You can understand why it is very useful.

After that, if you click on Shell outward option as in the red box above in the Shell command in Solidworks, then you will create a Shell feature as the red arrow that Wall thickness will appear outward sense.

Inward and Outward Shapes

Outward and inward directions are also very important for you. You could specify extra dimensions on your box-like shape if you want.

One can also use the multi-thickness option in the Shell command that you select faces to be different thicknesses, then enter a thickness value for these faces as shown in the red box above. So, the thickness results as red arrows above.

As you see above, the versatileness of the Shell command in Solidworks is very good. You can obtain different wall thicknesses.

If you complete the adjustments to the Shell command in Solidworks by clicking on the little green yes symbol as the red arrow above.

Finally, the resulting geometry of our example is like above. The use of the Shell command in Solidworks is simple as that.

Above all, Solidworks® provides various kinds of commands to create 3D shapes easily. Check the other useful commands in Solidworks® that you can use easily.

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So, The use of the Shell command to create thin shell features in Solidworks is very easy. It is a very useful command to create box-like shapes easily. You do not need to use lots of sketches to carve this shape on 3D geometries.

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NOTE: All the screenshots and images are used for educational and informative purposes. Images used courtesy of Solidworks®.


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