Showing Mappable Bodies In ANSYS® Meshing(Illustrated Expression)

Mapping is a very important technique in ANSYS® Meshing to obtain required mesh structures. Before mapping in ANSYS® Meshing, first, you need to take a look at the mappable faces. In this content of Mechanicalland, we will show you how to look at the mappable faces in ANSYS® Mesher.

How To See Mappable Faces In ANSYS® Mesher?

Some of the bodies in ANSYS® Mechanical or Mesher.

For example, we want to see mappable faces around bodies at ANSYS® Mesher above. Actually, the logic of seeing faces bodies in ANSYS® Mesher is the same as looking at sweepable faces in ANSYS® Mesher.

Click on ‘Mappable Faces’ in ANSYS® Mesher.

To see mappable faces in ANSYS® Mesher, right-click on the ‘Mesh’ tab as shown by the green arrow above then hover your mouse on ‘Show’. And click on the ‘Mappable Faces’ selection as shown by the red arrow above in ANSYS® Mesher.

Showing mappable bodies in ANSYS® Mesher.

As you see above, we can see the mappable faces on bodies in ANSYS® Mesher, after clicking on ‘Mappable Faces’. To see ‘Mappable Faces’ in ANSYS® Mesher is very easy like above.


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NOTE: All the screenshots and images are used in education and informative purposes. Images used courtesy of ANSYS, Inc.


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