Sizing and Dimensioning Knurls in Technical Drawings

Technical drawing is the common language of engineers and technicians in the world. If a technical drawing is created by a specialist according to the standards, this technical drawing can be interpreted by others. But you need to obey the rules while drawing technical drawings. Dimensioning knurls have also rules while defining in the technical drawing. 

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How to Dimension Knurls in Technical Drawing? 

Knurls are designed for better handgrip of parts by the user. These knurls are designed and positioned at the best position that the user can grip them. Knurls are generally produced by press-fit applications. 

In a typical engineering drawing, these information are generally given about the knurl; 

  • Type of knurling, 
  • Pitch of the knurl, 
  • Length of the knurled area, 
Image Source: FREDERICK E. GIESECKE, SHAWNA LOCKHART, Technical Drawing With Engineering Graphics 15th Ed., Pearson, Pg.525.

In general, the length of the knurled area is given as normal length dimensioning. And the type and pitch of the knurl are given as writing on the knurl which is shown as an arrowhead and a leader. 

Check the other important dimensioning and sizing rules in technical drawings;


As you see above, showing knurls in technical drawings is very simple. 

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