Slendernes Ratio Calculator For Columns

Slendernes Ratio Calculator

What Is Slenderness Calculator For Columns?

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Strength calculations of columns are a very important aspect of engineering. In the strength calculation of columns, some parameters related to columns must be calculated also. One of these parameters is the slenderness ratio. The formula of slenderness ratio is;

rmin is the minimum radius of gyration of column section and you can calculate it by using this calculator. L is the total length of the column that is being calculated. K is the constant that depends on the fixity of the column end. It changes according to the joint type that column end has;

K factor for slenderness ratio(Src:Machine Elements In Mechanical Design).

You can see above that, there are different K values for different connections of columns. You need to select a proper one for your calculations and the physical situation of your column.

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From this formula and the proper selection of the K value above, you can calculate the slenderness ratio.

How To Use Slenderness Ratio Calculator?

The use of a slenderness ratio calculator is very easy. You just need to enter the K value that you selected, the total length of your column application, and the minimum radius of gyration value of your column. Click on the ‘Calculate!’ button to calculate the slenderness ratio of your column. If you want to do another slenderness ratio calculation, click on the ‘Reset’ button as shown by the blue arrow above.

To obtain correct results from this calculator, you need to take care of your units. K has no unit, it is unitless. The unit of length and Rmin must be similar such as mm, cm, or m. The result will be also unitless. So consistency is very important. If you do not have consistent units to use this calculator, you can use the MB-Unit Converter tool to convert your units as consistent.


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