Solution Of AutoCAD Does Not Show Real Lineweight

By default, when you draw lines or other 2D objects in Autocad® with thicker or thinner line weights, the program does not display these line weights. The solution to this problem is very basic, you need to just change a little option in Autocad®. Here, we will show you how to display lineweights in Autocad® drawings.

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How To Show Lineweights In Autocad® Drawings?

Lineweight problem in Autocad®.

The problem occurs like above in Autocad®. We adjusted the line weight to 1mm as shown by the green arrow, which is very thick line weight. But when we draw a line or sketch as shown by the red arrow, real, thick line weight is not shown.

Click on ‘Options’ as shown by the red arrow above.

To overcome this situation, right-click on the drawing scheme in Autocad®, then click on ‘Options’ as shown by the red arrow above.

Click on ‘Lineweight Settings’.

In ‘Options’, click on the ‘User Preferences’ menu as shown in the red box above. Inside this menu, click on ‘Lineweight Settings’ as shown by the green arrow.

Tick the ‘Display Lineweight’.

In ‘Lineweight Settings’, tick the ‘Display Lineweight’ as shown by the green arrow above. Then click on ‘Apply&Close’ to complete it.

Real line weight in Autocad®.

As you see that, the problem is solved. The real line weight is shown in Autocad®.


The solution to this problem is very easy as you see above in Autocad®. Do not forget to leave your comments and questions about displaying real line weights in Autocad® below. Your precious feedbacks are very important to us. In general solutions like this problem are very simple as you see in Autocad.


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