Solution Of Autocad .NET Framework Error

This error generally encountered in the process of Autocad installation. This .NET Framework error can appeared in various versions of Autocad such as Autocad 2014, Autocad 2015, Autocad 2016, Autocad 2017 etc. In here, we will show you the solution steps for this error

How To Solve Autocad .NET Framework Error?

.NET Framework error while Autocad downloading.

.NET Framwork error can be appeared like above with the message starting with ‘.NET 4.5 is not installed…’ This can appear even .NET Framework is installed in your computer.

Type ‘Run’ into ‘Start’.

To start the solution of this .-NET Framework error in Autocad, type ‘Run’ into ‘Start’ in your Windows PC. Then type ‘regedit’ liek above then click ‘OK’.

Registry editor will be opened. From that list, extend the ‘HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE’. Then extend SOFTWARES’ in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. Then extend ‘Windows’ in SOFTWARES.


Then extend ‘NET Framework Setup’, and ‘NDP’ inside it. There are files such as v2, v3,v4 etc. Take a look at the error message that which .NET Framework version is problem for Autocad. For here, .NET Framework 4.5 is problematic. So you need to extend ‘v4’ from NDP. Inside ‘v4’, click on ‘Client’.

Double click on ‘Version’.

Double click on ‘Version’ as shown by green arrow and copy the ‘value data’ from opened window.

Create a new ‘Text Document’ at desktop and paste that copied value and save it for emergency.

Then change the value data of ‘Version’ with ‘4.5’ because our error message says .NET Framework is problematic.

Restart the installation of Autocad after rebooting your computer.

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  1. Aaron Selasi Avatar
    Aaron Selasi

    I don’t see anything when I click on client nothing pops up. And I use Windows 8.1

    1. MB-Editor Avatar

      If you apply all the statements defined in the article, you will not face with any problem.

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