Solution Of AutoCAD ‘Unable to start correctly’ Error

It is a one of the most encountered errors in Autocad. When you try to open AutoCAD in your computer, you face with this error. In here, we will tell the solution of this problem

How To Fix ‘Unable to start correctly’ Error Of AutoACAD?

Autocad ‘Unable Start correctly’ error message.

When you try to open Autocad product in your computer, you will face with an error message like above. Do not bother yourself about it, the solution is very basic.


The reason of this error message is, some of important files of Autocad can not be installed correctly.

Apps and features list in your computer.

In your apps and features list in your Windows, you can see the missing applications that are essential to run Autocad in your compuer.

In this case, you need to re-install the Autocad into your computer to solve this error. But you do not need to delete the all Autocad software and re-install it. You just need to run ‘install.exe’ of Autocad.

Click on ‘Install’ button.

Open the Autocad installer, then click on ‘Install’ button.

After clicking on ‘Install’ button, as you see that some of features or required files are not installed, as you see in red box above. Click on ‘Install’ button to solve this issue.

Try to open Autocad application again after the installation finishes.

This can be the solution of ‘The application unable to start correctly.’ error of Autocad. Do not forget to leave your comments and questions about Autocad ‘The application unable to start correctly.’ error below. Your precious feedbacks are very important for us.


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