Solution Of MatLab® License Manager Error

This is generally encountered an error when you try to open your Matlab® product on your computer. But, it has a very basic solution and you do not need to delete and re-install Matlab® product into your computer. Just apply the basic solution steps that are stated below.

How To Solve Matlab® License Manager Error?

Matlab® license manager error.

The error message is like above when you encounter this problem from your Matlab® product. The message text starts with ‘License checkout failed. It is very straightforward that there is a problem with the license connection with your Matlab® product.

You can do the activation of your Matlab® again with the ‘Activate MATLAB® R2018b’ application on your computer. You just need to search for it from the ‘Start’ menu on Windows. Then run it as administrator.

Click on ‘Activate manually without the internet’.

You can re-activate your Matlab® with your internet connection that your product will be connected to via your MathWorks account. If your MathWorks account has a product license, licensing of your Matlab® product will automatically be done.

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Also, you can select your license file by selecting the ‘Activate manually without the internet’ selection as shown by the red arrow above. Then click ‘Next’.

Browse the required license file of your Matlab® product.

After clicking on the ‘Next’ button, click on ‘Browse’ to select your license file. Your license file will be in the Matlab® product directory. In the MATLAB® folder, enter the R201X folder and the license file will be in the ‘licenses’ folder. Select the required license file as shown in a red box above, then click on ‘Select’ as shown by the green arrow.

When you click ‘Next’ again, your Matlab® product will be re-activated. Try to open your MATLAB® product again after rebooting your computer.


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