Solution Results In ANSYS® Structural Analyses

Here, you can see the general solution results that ANSYS® Mechanical provides to its users in structural analyses. 

ANSYS® Solution Results

You can find various kinds of solutions results that are available in ANSYS® Mechanical structural analyses.

Deformation Results In ANSYS®

In the structural FEA analyses in ANSYS® Mechanical, you can view the total deformations on discrete parts of an assembly, under different loading conditions. You can also see the directional deformation results in this tool, in which you can see the deformation results in one direction.

Stress Results In ANSYS®

There are various options of stress results in ANSYS® structural analyses. 

Equivalent Stress(Von-Mises)

Von-Mises stress is one of the most used stress theories in mechanical engineering which is calculated for ductile materials. ANSYS® provides a special tool to calculate equivalent stress for a physical FEA system. 

Principal Stress Calculation In ANSYS®

In stress theories, principal stresses are generally used in the equations. If you want to calculate the principal stresses directly, you can use the minimum, maximum, and middle principal stress solution tools of ANSYS® Mechanical.

Shear Stress Calculation In ANSYS® Mechanical

Shear stresses are originated from the torsional loadings or moment longitudinal moment applications to a physical system. You can see the shear stress results in ANSYS® in two modes; Maximum shear stress result and shear stress result.

Strain Results In ANSYS®

As you know from the classical mechanics, the strain is calculated from the stress and elasticity modulus on a body, with Hooke’s law. Equivalent strain, principal strain, maximum shear strain, and normal strain results are also available in ANSYS® Mechanical.

Strain Energy Result In ANSYS® Mechanical

Strain energy result is also a very important aspect of mechanical analysis. The whole strain on a body requires energy. This energy is called strain energy result in engineering. ANSYS® Mechanical provides a very useful tool to calculate strain energy results. 


These are the general solution results in ANSYS® Mechanical that are related to the strength of materials. 

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