Solver Pivot Checking Options In ANSYS Mechanical

Solver pivot errors are one of the most encountered errors in ANSYS® analyses. Sometimes, these errors can abort the solution completely. Here, we explain how to manage the solver pivot errors and checking in ANSYS® Mechanical analyses. 

What Is Solver Pivot Checking In ANSYS®? 

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Sometimes, when you are building your model in ANSYS® Mechanical, you can build the model underconstrained and contacts can be under-defined. These issues can lead to situations of ill-conditioned matrix operations in solver which will produce solver pivot errors. You can manage these errors with Solver Pivot Checking options. 

How To Adjust Solver Pivot Checking Options In ANSYS® Mechanical?

Solver pivot checking option in ANSYS® Mechanical

As you see in the screenshot above, it is very easy to do. Click on ‘Analysis Settings’ then select an option from the ‘Solver Controls’ section. 

  • If you select the ‘Program Controlled’ option, the solver will select the required response. 
  • If you select the ‘Warning’ option, the solver pivot problem will appear as a warning message. And the solution will go on at the solver level. 
  • If you select the ‘Error’ option, the solution will stop in the case of any solver pivot problems. 
  • You can completely off the solver pivot checking if you select the ‘Off’ option. 



It is very easy to do as you see above. 

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