Spiral Springs In Engineering Applications And Calculations

There are a wide variety of spring types are developed for different applications. And all of these spring types have their calculations and characteristics. If there must be a spring type used in an engineering application, the selection and design of this spring must be done at the engineering level. 

One of these spring types is the spiral springs. Spiral springs are used in different applications also. Here you can find out; 

  • What is a spiral spring and in which applications that spiral springs are used? 
  • Engineering calculators that you can use to design your spiral spring systems. 

What Is Spiral Spring? 

Spiral spring that is used in mechanical fire alarm system.

Spiral springs are produced from a form of strips that are generally made from metals. These metal strips are wound around an axle, which is attached to one side of the strip. The slack side of the strip generally carries the load or force. And this spiral-shaped strip transmits the loads to axles. 

Spiral springs are generally used for energy storage. The most important use of the spiral springs is the clock mechanisms. In clock mechanisms, spiral springs are both used as energy storage with the setting of the clock mechanism. The energy that is stored in the spiral spring is used to work the clock mechanism. Spiral springs are also used for the moving actions inside the clock mechanisms. Also, there are lots of kinds of engineering applications that spiral springs are used in. 

Maximum Bending Stress Calculation In Spiral Springs

If you think about the general mechanism of the spiral springs, torsional stress is applied to the axle. So the acting load type is bending stress. You can use the calculator below to calculate maximum bending stress occurrence on your spring and axle system. 

Maximum Bending Stress On Spiral Spring

The use of the calculator above is very simple. You just need to enter the required values inside the given brackets and click on the ‘Calculate!’ button. The result will be given in the last bracket. If you want to make another calculation, just click on the ‘Reset’ button then enter the new values inside the brackets. 

The first term is the load. The load is the total force acting on the slack side of the spiral spring. 

The second term is the radius that this load is applied to spring. It is the radial distance between the axle and slack side. 

Width is the width of the strip of the spiral spring and the thickness is the thickness of this strip. 

In parentheses, some units are recommended. If you enter the values in these units, you will have your result in the units given in the parenthesis of the result.

Strain Energy Stored In Spiral Springs

As we stated above, the total strain energy storage in spiral spring systems can be very important for different kinds of engineering applications. You can use the calculator below again to calculate the strain energy storage in your spiral spring application. 

Total Strain Energy On Spiral Spring

The use of the calculator above is also very simple. Here, the ‘length’ value is the total length of the spiral spring strip. Elasticity modulus is the modulus of elasticity of the spring material. The moment of inertia must be calculated for the cross-sectional area of the spiral spring strip.

As you see above, we added also the angular deflection of the spiral spring to the calculator. You can also see the angular deflection result of your spiral spring system. 


As you see above, the spiral spring systems can be discussed like this on an engineering basis. 

Mechanicalland does not accept any responsibility for calculations made by users in calculators. A good engineer must check calculations again and again.

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