Splitting Bodies With Faces Or Planes In Siemens NX(Illustrated Expression)

This is a very useful and very easy to use feature of Siemens NX. In Siemens NX, you can split 3D bodies with faces or planes by using them a tool or knife. You can do this kind of thing in Siemens NX with ‘Split Body’ command. In this article, we will explain the use of ‘Split Body’ command with a very basic example below in Siemens NX.

How To Use ‘Split Body’ Command In Siemens NX?

Splitting geometry in Siemens NX.

For example, we need to split the 3D geometry in Siemens NX with the plane as shown by green arrow above.

Click on ‘Split Body’ command as shown by green arrow.

Click on ‘More’ pop up menu as above in Siemens NX ribbon bar then click on ‘Split Body’ command as shown by green arrow above.

Select the required features for ‘Split Body’ command in Siemens NX.

After entering into the ‘Split Body’ command, click to select the body or bodies to be splitted as shown by green arrow above then click to select the slicing face or plane that must have intersection with body or bodies as shown by red arrow.

Click on ‘OK’ or ‘Apply’ to complete the slicing of 3D geometries with ‘Split Body’ command in Siemens NX.

The geometry is sliced with selected plane in Siemens NX.
Select ‘New Plane’ split option.

For example we selected the option of ‘New Plane’ for ‘Split Body’ command as shown in red box above. Then we selected the original plane that we created then we created a new plane from previously created plane as shown by green arrow.

Result of ‘New Plane’ option in ‘Split Body’ command.

You can select ‘Extrude’ or ‘Revolve’ options for Split Body command as above. And you can use these as normal Extrude command and Revolve command to create required splitting geometries.

The use of ‘Split Body’ command in Siemens NX is very simple like above. Leave your comments and questions about ‘Split Body’ command in Siemens NX!


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