Spring Work Calculation with Calculator

Spring Work Calculation with Calculator

Springs are very important mechanical elements that we use in most mechanical design applications. They may seem simple but there are lots of calculations to use the proper spring in proper applications. So, one of these calculations is the spring elastic energy calculation. Also, spring work derived from the spring energy calculation which is the energy difference between the first and second locations where you squeeze and release. 

Here we explain how to calculate the spring work with a calculator below. 

Clockwork mechanisms are very important examples of spring work.
Clockwork mechanism(Image Source: Dreamstime.com).

What is Spring Work?

Firstly, spring work is a type of mechanical work which you calculate as the difference between the first and second squeezing distances of spring. You can release a portion of spring energy to make work such as by pushing a body or box forward. And also, we calculate the spring work with the formulation below;

So in this formula ‘k’ is the stiffness coefficient of the spring which has the unit of N.m or lb.ft in English units. ‘x1’ and ‘x2’ are the first and second distances the spring is squeezed. The units of these distances are m or ft. The unit of the mechanical work that we calculate for springs is the W or ft.lbf/s). 

We use springs in lots of machinery. And also the clockwork mechanisms are the most important examples of the spring energy use. And then, the stored spring energy is released controllably with the clockwork mechanism to give the power of working and showing the correct time. So, we make strict spring work calculations in the design of clockwork mechanisms. 

Spring Work Calculator

While you are making strict calculations with springs in mechanical designs, you will probably use the spring work calculations lots of the time. To eliminate this burden and time-consuming hand calculations, we prepared an easy-to-use and useful spring work calculator. 

Spring Work Calculator

The use of the spring work calculator is very simple above. You just need to enter the stiffness coefficient of the spring and squeeze distances inside the brackets. And click on the ‘Calculate!’ button to see the spring work result. 

If you want to make another calculation, just click on the ‘Reset’ button and re-enter the new values. 


So, the spring work calculation is very simple like the above. You can use the calculator above to calculate the spring work easily. 

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