Title Blocks in Engineering Drawing Sheets

As you know, the technical drawing must comply with the standards other readers must understand. So, one of these standards is the title block of the technical drawing sheet. Also, from the title block, the reader can find the required information about the technical drawing. You will see that title blocks in engineering drawings are very simple.

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So, you can find information about the general title block standards and shapes here. 

Title Blocks in Technical Drawings

A standard title block in engineering drawing
Standard title block example for A, B, and C type of sheets(Image Source: FREDERICK E. GIESECKE, SHAWNA LOCKHART, Technical Drawing With Engineering Graphics 15th Ed., Pearson, Pg.51).

Firstly, the general title block layout is like that for most technical drawings. And also, you can use this title block template for your technical drawing. The elements inside these title blocks; 

  • Name: In this section, you can give the company or business name where this technical drawing is belong. 
  • Drawing Title: Drawing title must be definitive with the shortest phrasing possible. So, we do not recommend using ‘or’ or ‘for’ in the drawing title. 
  • Scale Block: You write the scale of the technical drawing to this area. And if you are using scales, you need to write ‘NONE’ in this area. 
  • Drawing Number: In general, each company has its numbering system for technical drawings. Also, in this section, you can find information about the drawing number of that technical drawing. 
  • Revision Block: This element of the title block contains information about revisions of this technical drawing. The original paper has no revisions, so this number is 0. 
  • Size: If a technical drawing is drawn in different sizes concerning the original size, you can understand it from this area.
  • Approval Block: The approval block contains all the required blocks for the authorities in the company that needs to approve or check the technical drawing. So, this block can change according to different companies or businesses.
  • Weight:  If it is required, the estimated weight of the part on the technical drawing is typed here.
  • Number: If the total work contains several sheets, you can find information about the sheet number in this work.


Finally, this is general information about the standard technical drawing title blocks. Also, they are generally open to customizations. You can add extra information to the title blocks of the technical drawings that you are creating.

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  1. There is a not mention unit as such mm. cm etc

    1. in general the units are inches or millimeters.

  2. where I can draw a symbol for first and third angle projection system?

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