Starting Forms Of Metals In Manufacturing

Metals are prominent engineering materials in most manufacturing processes. Each of manufacturing processes needa starting material. And this starting material must be in a specific form to be processed in that manufacturing process. In this article, we will explain the classifications of starting forms of manufacturing metals.

What Are The Starting Forms Of Metals In Manufacturing?

Wrought metal.

Casting processes are frequently used to produces various kinds of products from metals. There are lots of kinds of casting processes for metals. Because of this vast kinds of casting processes of metals, ‘cast metal’ states the one of the three forms of metals in manufacturing market. Maybe you can find out cast metals around yourself. Cast metals can be used in further manufacturing processes or can be used directly as product by a user.

If we talk about the metals that are formed after casting process of them, these metals called as ‘wrought metals’. Metals can be cast for alloying them. After the casting there can be special manufacturing processes applied on them to obtain specific shapes from them. Also better material properties can be obtained from wrought metals compared with cast metals. For example wires are obtained with rolling processes. The starting metal was in the form of ‘billets’ which is a cast metal product.

‘Powdered metals’ are also avaliable in manufacturing market for specific manufacturing processes. That powdered form of metals can be very good starting material for specific manufacturing processes. In powder metallurgy, there are various kinds of metal parts are produced and the starting form of metals in powder metallurgy, powder form.

These are the three types of metal forms are avaliable in manufacturing market. And they can be explained briefly like above. If you have any questions or comments about ‘Starting Forms Of Metals In Manyfacturing’, do not forget leave them below!


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