Stereoregularity Term In Polymer Chemistry

There are bunch of terms to idetify polymer materials in polymer chemistry. One of these terms is ‘stereoregularity’. You can take a look about what is the terms of ‘polymer’ from this article. In here, we explained the term of ‘stereoregularity’ in polymer chemistry below.

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What Is Stereoregularity In Polymer Chemistry?

Stereoregularity is a very important parameter in polymer chemistry that defines the properties of polymers. Stereoregularity is about the arrangement of atom groups in unit of a long-chain polymers. As you know that with the replacement of ‘H’ atoms from mers with another atoms, different types of polymers are produced. Stereoregularity concerns with the alignment of these different atom groups of individual types of polymers. For example, in polypropylene, ‘H’ atoms are replaced with ‘CH3’ molecules. And alignment of these ‘CH3’ molecules affect the properties of polypropylene material. Alignment types for stereoregularity are;

  • Isotactic: All the substituted atoms are at the same side on long-chain structure in polymer.
  • Syndiotactic: Alternating alignments of substitution atoms at opposite sides on long-chain structure.
  • Atactic: Random alignment of subtitution atoms on long-chain structure.

Propylene’s melting point is around 175 celsius degrees in isotactic form for example. Syndiotactic form of propylene is 131 celsius degrees and atactic is 75 celsius degrees. This can be a very good example that effects of tactics of stereoregularity in polymers’ properties.

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