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Surface Extrusion In Solidworks To Create Surfaces


Surface toolbar in Solidworks is very useful to create surface structures and geometries. The primary command to create surfaces is ‘Surface-Extrude’ command. In here, we will explain the use of ‘Surface-Extrude’ command in Solidworks with a very basic example below.

How To Use ‘Surface-Extrude’ Command In Solidworks?

Click on ‘Extruded Surface’ command in Solidworks.

To use Extruded Surface command in Solidworks, you need to have a proper sketch to extrude. Unlike normal Extrude command, this command does not create 3D solid bodies, it creates surfaces by extruding sketches.

After entering into the ‘Surface Extrude’ command, select the proper sketch entity as shown by blue arrow above. You can do extrusion process in both directions separately as shown green and red boxes above. Red arrow shows the direction 1 and green arrow shows the direction 2.

Enter the required extrusion lengths as shown in blue boxes above, for each directions separately. If you want to obtain draft geometry which creates inclined surfaces like above, select the ‘Draft’ option as shown by orange arrows above, then enter the draft angle separately for each directions.

You can also select ‘Draft Outward’ option to obtain draft angle in other direction as direction 2.

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Also you can untick the ‘Direction 2’ to obtain surfaces in only one direction in Solidworks.

Extrusion options for Surface Extrude command in Solidworks.

Blind: You could make your surface extrude up to where you take the extrusion arrow in drawing scheme.

Up To Vertex: If you want to make your surface extrude process up to a vertex of a feature in your drawing scheme by using Extruded Surface command, you could select this by selecting a vertex.

Up To Surface: If you want to make you extrusion up to a surface in the drawing, you could use this by selecting the surface in Extruded Surface command.

Offset From Surface: This option starts your surface extrude process from a selected plane or surface, not from the main sketch plane.

Up To Body: This feature of Extruded Surface command in Solidworks, makes your surface extrude process up to a selected body with doesn’t care of whether this body have a curved structure.

Mid Plane: This option of Extruded Surface command in Solidworks, makes the surface extrude process symmetrical base according to the sketch plane.

You can use one of these extrusion options to obtain required surface geometry in Solidworks.

Extruded surface in Solidworks.

As you see above, surface geometry is created with ‘Extruded Surface’ command in Solidworks. The use of this command in very easy as you see.

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