Technical SEO Guide

Technical SEO Guide

This is a complete guide about technical SEO for people who want to learn about it in detail and how to become a very good technical SEO practitioner. Also for the people who are thinking about taking services about technical SEO and getting to know about the technical SEO aspects. So, this article will be a very good starting point for this topic for both people.

What is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO.

Technical SEO is one of the three branches of SEO that we are dealing with the technical side of the website to be sure about crawling and ranking by the search engines. Generally, we are stating the SEO activities as improving the user experience to improve the rankings of our pages and websites. But in the technical SEO, we are not making any adjustments or improvements by thinking about the users. We are just dealing with the SEO for the search engine crawlers. And we are sure that the search engines are crawling our website and ranking them.

Technical SEO is the first step of the whole SEO campaign of the websites. So, we need to give a special amount of attention to the technical SEO campaigns. Because, if we are not sure about all the aspects of technical SEO, we can not or should not start on-page and off-page SEO campaigns for our website.

But first of all, we need to understand how the search engines are working while they are crawling our websites and pages.

How do the Search Engines work?

Technical SEO is for search engines.

Search engines are very important parts of our life. So, it is very important to have search engines working well. And generally, we want to face the best results from the search engines. So, search engines are trying to show the most relevant and rich results to the users. And these are the general working principles of search engines.

So, user experience is very important for search engines. They want to be sure that people are having the best results when they are searching in search engines. So, they define important characteristics that show in the top ranks of the pages. You need to apply these characteristics to your pages and website. These characteristics are generally SEO. With SEO campaigns, we are intending to improve the user experiences of the web pages.

Search engines have lots of kinds of crawlers and bots which are constantly crawling web pages and websites through the internet. So, they are adding web pages and websites into their indexes. Once the pages are added to indexes, the search engines know that there is a website with this link.

And also, these crawlers and bots have algorithms to make the general ranking between the pages and websites in specific queries and keywords. So these algorithms generally separate the web pages into specific topics. And rank them in the relevant topics. Also, these algorithms have specific characteristics to rank the pages according to the different SEO characteristics. And you are responsible to improve your pages and web sites according to these characteristics to rank well in the search results.

Adjusting Crawlability

So, you need to properly adjust your website that can be crawled by search engines. This is the general topic of technical SEO. You are directly defining the general relationship of your website with the search engine crawlers. So, it is very important to have good crawlability.

You need to be sure about which pages must be crawled and which pages do not crawl by the search engine bots. Here we generally explain the crawlabilities of the web pages and technical SEO.

Your Website Must Be Fast

Fast websites.

This is one of the most important aspects of technical SEO. You need to optimize the website loading speed to improve the user experience in general. This is very important in terms of the search engine algorithms also. For pages that are showing loading speed performances below a specific level, the search engines will not rank high these pages and websites. So, you need to optimize your websites also according to search engine standards.

The general important metric is 3 seconds. Most people are leaving the website for another if the page does not load in 3 seconds. So, this is a very important thing that we need to consider. So, it is very important to increase the user experience and the search engine experience to decrease the total loading times of our websites. We can do this by adjusting several parameters.

Importance of Server Response

It is very important to have servers that have low response times. So, you need to take server services from high-quality vendors. And you need to make research about the best server suppliers for different regions in the world. And also, it will be very useful o have the fastest server packages of the suppliers for your website.

So, the server is the starting point for the website loading times. You need to select it wisely to improve your site speeds.

Adjusting the Theme of Your Website

The website theme that you are using for your website has also a grandiose effect on the website loading times. So, you need to take care of the theme of your website to adjust the general important things. The theme can have lots of kinds of codes that are not necessary. Or these themes can have lots of kinds of vişsualities that are not important for the general purpose of the website.

So, it is very important to select the best theme or code the best theme in terms of website speed. You can check the general site speed of theme demos by using the site speed checkers to see their general performances.

Speed of Mobile Pages

This is generally the most encountered problem with web pages. So, you need to have responsive webpages and websites that people can open on different kinds of devices such as smartphones.

Most people are using mobile phones today. And they are making their search queries with these devices. So, your website’s performance must be very good for different devices, especially mobile phones.

Search engines pay a special amount of attention to the pages that have very good responsive webpages. Also, these pages must open at a specific time. So, the user experiences are good enough to hold the people in there.

You need to make special optimizations for the mobile pages that you are designing. This is because you need to give special attention to the people who are using mobile phones and mobile pages. And in general, the speed of the mobile pages is a bit slower than the desktop pages. If you want to have good technical SEO, it is better to have a good mobile page speed.

Be Aware Of the Mobile First Indexing

Google announced that they are first looking into the mobile versions of the pages to index them. Because most of the users are making their search queries from their mobile phones and pages. So, for Google, it is very important to have mobile-friendly pages and websites first before indexing the page.

This means you need to take care of the mobile version of your pages first. It is very important to use mobile-friendly pages and themes on your website. And design the website speeds at acceptable levels. This is a very important point about your mobile pages.


AMP is very important in terms of the Technical SEO.

AMP is the acronym of the Accelerated Mobile Pages that provides much faster mobile pages the people can reach your websites and web pages through their mobile phones. So, if you want to skyrocket your technical SEO performance, it is very important to have AMP pages for the mobile versions of the websites.

Adjusting the Images

Images are one of the most important responsibilities of the low speed of mobile pages. If you make a speed analyses in a speed tester, you will see that the pages that have the most images are much slower than the other ones. So, you need to take care of the images that you are using on your web pages. This is a very important thing in terms of technical SEO.

You can use image size reduction programs to obtain much lower storage images that have the same qualities. This will skyrocket your website pages. Because, if you use the images directly which are maybe megabytes in size, they will make your web page speed slow. So, you need to use smaller images on your pages.

Another recommendation that we can give you is, that you can use modern types of images such as .webp format. These are the new formats that you can easily use this format for better site speeds.

Crawling and Indexing Your Pages in Technical SEO

These are the main topics that we need to talk about the general technical SEO performances of your websites and web pages. You need to adjust your website to be crawled with search engine bots in a good way. And also, they must index your pages if you want to rank in the specific topics. So, if you want to have very good crawling, you need to adjust and optimize your crawlability.

Robots.Txt File

The Robots.txt file is the complete file that includes the information on whether your website is allowed to crawl and indexed by search engine bots or not. So, with this file, you can directly block or allow the search engines from crawling your website.

It is a file that contains very basic codes inside it. First of all, search engine crawlers open this file and read the information inside it. And they decide to crawl and index your pages or not.

For example, if you do not want to crawl by a specific search engine, you can block the specific search engine crawlers with the robots.txt file. You can reach any website’s file by typing “”. So, you can directly view the crawling information of that website.

Use Google Search Console

To control the crawlabilities and indexing issues of your pages, Google Search Console is a great tool that you can easily use for different kinds of applications. This is because you can directly control the crawling and indexing of pages you have. You can also view the pages that are crawled and indexed very easily.

You can also send crawling and indexing requests to Google from the Search Console to add the content or pages in the index. So, this is a very useful tool that you can manage these kinds of things easily.

Use XML Sitemaps in Technical SEO

The use of XML Sitemaps is very important in terms of crawling your pages by search engines. XML Sitemaps are the complete lists that contain the important pages that need to be ranked in Google and other search engines. So, it is veyr important to have XML sitemaos.

You are informing the search engines and search engine crawlers that your XML sitemap is in the robots.txt file that you have. And crawlers generally follow these XML sitemaps to find and crawl and index the pages that you have.

Also in the Google Search Console, you are giving the information about the XML sitemap to the Google Search Console. So, the search engine bots are tracing the sitemap to crawl the new pages.

There are very easy methods to create automatic XML sitemaps in different kinds of CMSs. For example in WordPress, you can easily adjust the creation of XML sitemaps automatically. And you need to add this XML site map to the robots.txt file.

For example, if you want to reach a website’s XML sitemap, you can easily type “” to find out which pages are important to that user to be crawled by the search engines. And also, you can create specific sitemaps or subfolders such as pages_sitemap.xml to list the page you have.

Using “noindex” Meta Descriptions

This is another way to adjust the crawlability or index the specific pages by adding a “noindex” meta tag in the <head> section of the web pages. So, in the head section, there is information that the search engine crawlers and bots can see but visitors can not see. With the meta tags, we are giving important technical information to search engine bots or other bots.

With the “noindex” meta tag, we are giving special information to the search engine bots that “you are not allowed to crawl this page”. So, you can directly prevent the indexing of specific pages by adding meta descriptions on these pages.

Also, this can be a problem that your pages are not crawled by the search engines. Google Search Console may give an error that your pages have a “noindex” tag in their meta descriptions. So, you need to take care of the meta descriptions and delete this description to allow the search engine bots on your page.

HTTPS “none” or “noindex” Response in X-Robots Tag

Also, this is another way that you can easily adjust the crawlabilities and indexing of the web pages and specific posts with the server response. You can add “noindex” or “none” to the X-Robots Tag in the server response. The server of your website always gives a response to all the queries that come from the users and the bots. So, in these queries, you can add information to the server response of your website about the search engine crawling.

If you add this tag into your server response, the search engişne crawlers will not crawl the page. So, this is another important and useful way to adjust crawlability.

Also, you can adjust the server responses in the Google Search Console. And Google Search Console is a very useful tool that you can adjust the crawlabilities and indexing issues that you have with your pages.

Importance of the Internal Linking Structures in Technical SEO

Internal linking.

We explained the importance of the internal linking structures and linking the pages to each other in terms of the on-page SEO. So for the technical SEO, it is very important also. You need to take special care that all the pages are interlinked to each other to obtain a complete structure of the web page. So, it is very important to have very good internal links which must be meaningful.

Search engine crawlers and search engine crawler bots are crawling your website pages by roaming around the posts and pages through the internal links. Otherwise, they can not find the other posts or pages. This is a very important thing that your pages are connected with other pages through the links for the crawling.

For example, if you have contents that did not link to other content, it is very important to link this content with other content. So, while the crawlers and bots are roaming around your website, they can find the pages that you have.

Refrain From the Duplicate Content

This is a very important fault that most people fall into. They are creating duplicate content that has the same link structures two times. So, this is very confusing for search engines and search engine bots. So, you need to refrain from duplicate content on your websites.

Maybe you are not aware of the duplicate content that you have. Because you have thousands of contents that you need to monitor. So in this case, you need to use the Search Console tool which will give an important alert about the duplicate content that you have. And you can delete or merge the duplşctae contents to finish this issue.

Duplicate content is a very bad factor that affects the technical SEO of the pages. So, it is very important to remove duplicate content.

Have an SLL Certificate for Your Website in Technical SEO

SSL is very important for technical SEO.
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SSL or Secure Sockets Layer creates an encrypted link between the server and the browser that can not intervene by third parties. Think of it like there is end-to-end encryption to prevent any insecurities between your browser and the server of the website that you are visiting.

This is a very important security protocol that Google announced that they will refrain o giving the top ranking results for the websites which have SSL certificates.

From your hosting provider, you can easily have an SSL security certificate for your website. Also, you can easily spot that a website has SSL, check the link have //http or //https. If it is//https, it has security protocol.

Importance of Using Breadcrumbs in Technical SEO

Breadcrumbs are the important parts of the web pages that show the general hierarchy of the page that which categories and which pages reside. The importance of the breadcrumbs comes from the technical SEO side. It automatically produces internal link structures in your pages. So, it is very good in terms of the search engine crawlers that are crawling your pages. They can follow these pages and make it easier for crawling your pages.

Importance of the Crawling Cost in Technical SEO

You know generally how the search engines are working while they are crawling and adding the pages in their indexes. Some crawlers and bots are crawling the pages through the links between the posts.

But, each crawler and crawling action adds extra costs for the search engines. Because they use electricity in servers and computers and adding the pages into the indexes adds extra storage costs. So, search engines have limited sources for crawling the pages.

And also, search engines send their crawlers and bots regularly to each page that you allowed for the crawling. Because they check your pages if you have any updates on them or not.

You need to consider the general crawling costs of the search engines. You do not allow the pages that are not important to rank. Or you are not considering whether these pages will rank or not.

You need to fairly optimize the page that must be crawled by the search engines. For example for a web page, if you are not aiming for ranking for that page, we are not recommending you to add to the indexes of the search engines. And do not allow the crawlers to crawl your page. This will decrease the total crawling cost of the search engines. And they will send much more bots to the important page that you have.

Use hreflang Tags in Your Meta Description

If you are managing a multilingual SEO for different countries and different languages, you can have the same posts in different languages available. So, it is very easy for you to define the hreflang in the meta description that the intended language and country for the pages.

For example, you created a blog post or article in the English language. But also you want to serve this article in the Spanish language. You just need to translate this article to Spanish language and use a hreflang meta description to tell the search engines that you want to serve this article in the Spanish language. So, you will refrain from duplicating content.

Rich Results and Structured Data

You can create very rich articles and blog posts that you are serving different kinds of information about your services and products. And in general rich and long-form articles ranks best in the search engine results. But for search engine crawlers, it can be generally hard to diminish the data that you are serving into the different aspects.

Search engines are showing different kinds of results to the searchers in terms of the “rich results”. For example, if a user enters a search query, he or she can face various results which will be much more useful for them. For example, featured snippets can be very useful to give information directly.

Or at the right side of the page, there can be an information chart or table. In this table, you can find the important information that you need.

And most of the time, you may see the FAQ section in the search queries, where you can easily find the answer that you are looking for. Image search, shopping, recipes… there are different kinds of rich results that search engines are showing you.

But you need to give information about the type of article and content that you are writing to the search engine crawlers. So, crawlers can easily sort your article or web pages according to the different rich results that they can show to the people.

For example, you are marketing a product. And you want to appear your product in the “Shopping” section of the search engines. So, you need to select the Schema of your page as the Product that the search engine crawlers will place your product at the Shopping search results.

Conclusion on Technical SEO

As you see above, technical SEO is a very important topic that you need to consider for your websites. It is a primary topic that you need to consider before starting the on-page and off-page SEO campaigns. It is because you need to adjust your website crawlability for search engines. Your website must be available to search engines.

Also, the optimization of the crawlability is a very important thing in terms of the crawling cost. Do not give lots of burden on the search engines by crawling all the links that you have. For example, if you crawl your categories and tags which are not important in the ranking, the crawling cost and the total crawling pages will increase 4x or 5x higher. This means you will give much more burden to crawl these links. Prevent the links that you have which are not an important ranking factor in your website from the search engine crawlers.

In terms of technical SEO, you can apply different kinds of applications as you see. So, it is very important to have optimized parameters. And dealing with these parameters is not easy actually. So, you can use different kinds of tools to deal with them.

Finally, do not forget to leave your comments and questions below about the technical SEO below.

Your precious feedbacks are very important to us.

FAQs About Technical SEO

What is technical SEO?

Technical SEO is a very important branch of the SEO campaigns of websites. In technical SEO, you are optimizing your website, not for the users, but for the search engines. You are making optimizations of crawling and indexing for the pages to make sure that the critical pages are crawled and ranked in the search engines. It is very important to be sure about the technical SEO of our pages before starting the on-page and off-page SEO campaigns.

What is a technical SEO checklist?

The general steps that you need to follow to be sure about the technical SEO;
Sure that you have a good responsive and high-speed website for the mobile versions.
Be sure about your website is high-speed enough to provide a very good user experience.
Obtain a sitemap that contains all the URLs of your website that you want to index and rank in the search engines.
Have a robots.txt file that allows or blocks the specific search engine bots. Include the sitemap URL inside the robots.txt file.
Do not overly crawl your website all the tags, categories, etc. that are not important o rank in the search results. Use “noindex” meta tags or X-Robots Tags to prevent these pages are crawled. This will reduce the crawling costs of the websites.
Use Google Search Console to generally take care of the indexing and crawling status of the web pages.

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