Textbook To Learn Engineering Technical Drawing

Why You Should Learn Technical Drawing?

Technical drawing is one of the most important aspects of engineering. Especially in mechanical engineering, the ability to obtain technical or engineering drawings of the designed parts is a very important thing.

Consider that you are working in a manufacturing site in a production engineering or other position, there will be lots of technical drawings go around between the workers, operators, engineers. So, as an engineer, you need to understand easily what these technical drawings include and describe, what are all symbols that these technical drawings, how to change or edit these technical drawing if it needed and how to obtain a full scope technical drawing that other will understand. 

A technical drawing must include the dimensional and tolerance characteristics, with what kind of production technique must be used to produce that product or part.

Also, there will be tons of assembly drawings roaming around the manufacturing site. Also, you need to read and understand these engineering drawings. 

If you consider all the facts above, you need a lifetime guide to learn engineering drawings. In this case, Mechanicalland editors and specialists recommend a textbook or book that you can acquire in this way. The title of this book is Technical Drawing with Engineering Graphics. 

As you understand from its name, Technical Drawing with Engineering Graphics includes all the aspects of engineering technical drawing backed by software. In today’s engineering practice, the software is generally used to produce engineering technical drawings. 

Why Yoy Should Acquire A ‘Technical Drawing with Engineering Graphics’?

After detailed researches that Mechanicalland editors made, Technical Drawing with Engineering Graphics is one of the most comprehensive ve versatile books to learn technical drawing. And Technical Drawing with Engineering Graphics keeps up with the latest technologies in mechanical engineering.

Technical Drawing with Engineering Graphics

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Both 3D Design And 2D Documentations!

Technical Drawing with Engineering Graphics also includes 3D design with CAD tools that you can advance your abilities to obtain 3D designs. And it includes all the aspects of 2D engineering drawing from these designed 3D parts. 

Real-World Practices

In the all chapters that Technical Drawing with Engineering Graphics has, there are lots of real-world case studies that you can train yourself to learn and adapt yourself to engineering technical drawing disciplines. These real-world case studies will prepare you for possible projects that you will face in most manufacturing sites. 

Useful Websites And References

Technical Drawing with Engineering Graphics includes tons of links to useful websites about engineering design that you can find various contents and services to learn and use in your both beginner and professional career. 

Portfolio Sections

In the portfolio sections of Technical Drawing with Engineering Graphics, there are tons of real-world examples of technical drawings that you can study and examine to develop your understanding of technical drawings. Understanding what complex technical drawings are telling to their readers is also a very important aspect of design and mechanical engineering. 

A possible technical drawing that you can encounter in your professional career(Image Source: https://www.eurostep.com/how-to-make-better-decisions-using-your-hidden-product-information/).

Both eTextbook And Hardcover Options Are Available

I decided to purchase Technical Drawing with Engineering Graphics from Amazon, you can have it as an eTextbook PDF and as a hardcover. You can take eTextbook right now or hardcover will come to your address after several days. 


Mechanicalland strongly recommends Technical Drawing with Engineering Graphics for all the technic people dealing with mechanical designs and engineering technical drawings. 

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