The Best Scale Ruler Set For Engineers And Architects!

The Best Scale Ruler Set For Engineers And Architects!

Mechanicalland provides various kinds of articles and content about recommendations of the best products related to mechanical disciplines. Editors are making detailed market researches to find the best price and performance products. Today’s topic is the scale rulers which are extensively used by mechanical engineers, architects, civil engineers…

Mechanical engineers or other disciplines that are dealing with technical documentation, commonly use some special tools to draw or read the technical documentation. These technical documentations include technical drawings of real products and parts on a specific scale. With this scale, a big part can be fit into a standard paper such as A4 or A3, etc. Also, very small parts can illustrate much bigger by using integer scale multipliers. 

What Is The Scale Ruler? 

To read the technical documentation, scale rulers are very useful. An engineer, architect can see the exact dimensions of the scaled parts on technical papers with scale rulers. 

There are some features of scale rulers. They are designed as triangular extruded shapes, and on each side, a scale appears. According to that scale, length units represent the exact length of the part. For example, a scale ruler has a scale of 1:10, a 1 cm of unit length on a scale ruler means 10 cm. And 1 cm of length is shown as 10 cm on the scale ruler. So, if you use this scale ruler on a technical drawing that has a 1:10 scale, you can directly measure the exact lengths of the parts with a scale ruler, from a technical drawing sheet. 

How To Choose Scale Rulers? 

If you are dealing with different scales of technical drawings, you need to acquire different sizes and scales of scale rulers in your workplace or office. So, we are recommending to you acquire all scales of scale rulers for the scales that you are using or facing with technical drawings. 

Also, units can be very burdensome for people dealing with technical documentation. The units can be metric or imperial. If you are dealing with international projects, it is very important to acquire scale rulers both in these units. 

Also, the units and writings on the scale rulers must not be faded over time for long-lasting nature. 

Recommendation: OwnMy Scale Ruler Sets Both In Metric And Imperial Units

According to the facts that we explained about the scale rulers, check the scale rulers below! 

Mechanicalland editors made a detailed market survey to find out the best price/performance scale ruler product for the visitors and the users! Also, it is more logical to buy a set of scale rulers instead of one scale ruler to include all the scales in your workplace or office. Let’s take a look at the product details.

OwnMy 30CM Solid Aluminum Metric Triangular Architect Scale Ruler Set, Architectural and Engineer Scale Ruler Set Professional Laser Etched Scales Drafting Rulers for Civil Engineering (Black)

If you are interested in the OwnMy Scale Ruler set in metric units, click on the given link or the ‘Shop Now’ button to check it on Amazon! For imperial units of the same product, click on the Amazon link below! 

OCM 1 Laser Etched Engineer – 12 Inch Anodized Triangular Engineer Imperial Scale Ruler (Proffesional Grade Solid Extruded Aluminum) Imperial Scale Civil Engineering Architectural Drafting Ruler

Big And Small Scales!

The package that you ordered includes; 1x of big scales of scale ruler, 1x of small scales of scale ruler, and 1x normal ruler. So the package comprises 3 rulers! 

Big scales include 1:100, 1:200, 1:250, 1:300, 1:400 and 1:500 scales. These scales are generally used by civil engineers and architects. 

Small scales include: 1:20, 1:25, 1:50, 1:75, 1:100 and 1:125 scales. These smaller scales are generally used by mechanical engineers. But there is no strict limitation to this rule. All the scales can be used by different engineering disciplines. 

High Quality Of Material!

The material of the OwnMy scale rulers is professional grade solid aluminum. Because of this material, OwnMy rulers have a very sturdy structure which is very durable for long years. 

The black coating is made with anodized aluminum which prevents corrosion and rust. 

Laser Etched Markings!

With the laser-etched markings on OwnMy scale rulers, the markings will not be faded over time! So, it is also very important for long years of use! 

Amazon’s Choice!

OwnMy scale rulers are chosen by Amazon as a recommendation to the buyers, around other products! 


Mechanicalland strongly recommends that OwnMy scale ruler sets both for professionals and students from engineering and architecture! 

Do not forget to leave your comments and questions below about the OwnMy scale rulers!

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