The Best Thermodynamics Books For Engineers And Students!

Thermodynamics is a very important engineering area that an engineer can understand the energy, work, and heat relationships in an engineering system. In thermodynamics, selected engineering systems and their boundaries are important. They can make thermodynamical calculations according to these selected boundaries as a system. 

Why Thermodynamics Is Very Important For An Engineer? 

Almost in all engineering systems, there are thermodynamical relationships between energy, work, and heat. Other disciplines are generally deal with the mechanisms of these three concepts. For example, there are lots of forms of energy such as; mechanical energy, electrical energy, etc. Dynamics and statics are generally dealing with mechanical energy mechanisms. Electric is also another separate discipline that deals with energy. 

Various kinds of mechanical and electrical systems can produce work with energy input. This energy can be in the form of heat. Heat transfer is also a discipline that deals with heat transfer mechanisms. 

Apart from these disciplines, Thermodynamics is not deal with the mechanisms. It deals with only inputs and outputs from engineering systems and related calculations for them. So thermodynamics is a very important tool for an engineer to understand the general state of an engineering system. 

What Are The Most Used Thermodynamics Books In Engineering?

Mechanicalland always make deep researches to find out the best price and performance products for its users and visitors. Mechanicalland editors also made a market survey to find one of the best and most used books about engineering thermodynamics. 

Yunus Cengel – Thermodynamics: An Engineering Approach

Cengel’s textbooks are one of the most used books all around the world in mechanical engineering lessons. Fluid dynamics, heat, and mass transfer textbooks of Cengel’s are commonly used as textbooks in lots of engineering schools including mine. 

Cengel’s textbooks are full of real-world examples and practices to teach all the aspects of the subjects. The thermodynamics book of Cengel will be a very useful guide both for engineering students and professional engineers. 

Thermodynamics: An Engineering Approach

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Micheal J. Moran – Fundamentals of Engineering Thermodynamics

The publisher of this textbook is Wiley Publications which is a renowned publisher of engineering books all around the world. This thermodynamics textbook itself is very detailed and comprehensive for engineering thermodynamics with its 1042 pages. You can find all the required information and practices from this book related to thermodynamics. 

Fundamentals of Engineering Thermodynamics

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Schaum’s Outline Of Thermodynamics For Engineers

Schaum’s outline series in mechanical engineering disciplines are renowned around the engineering students in the world. Mechanical engineering disciplines like Fluid Mechanics, Strength Of Materials, etc. Schaum’s outline series are used extensively by engineering students to deal with the examinations and classes. 

Schaum’s outline of the thermodynamics book includes only the general principles of subjects and a very good amount of examples and practices for students to get used for the examinations. You will probably not find detailed information like other textbooks in Schaum’s outline series. 

Schaums Outline of Thermodynamics for Engineers, Fourth Edition (Schaum’s Outlines)

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Stephen R. Turns – Thermodynamics: Concepts And Applications

This thermodynamics book is published by Cambridge University Press which is also a known publisher around the UK. The difference of this thermodynamics book is that examples and real-world practices are about in different kinds of disciplines; psychrometry, chemical equilibrium, and combustion… If you want to learn or if you want to teach your students Thermodynamics in a multidisciplinary manner, you can acquire one of these. 

Thermodynamics: Concepts and Applications

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Mechanicalland strongly recommends these books for mechanical engineering thermodynamics both for engineering students and professional engineers. 

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