The Logic Of Lean Production In Manufacturing

Manufacturing is a very complex term and it could not be summarized into very basic statements. If there is a manufacturing process to produce a part to be selled to the customers, there is a quality of this part, quality of the manufacturing process, source that is expensed for the whole manufacturing(labor, raw material, tooling, manufacturing site etc.)… So there are lots of parameters for a manufacturing of a part.

What Is Lean Production Principle In Manufacturing?

Lean production and mass production comparison.

Lean Production principle depends on the cutting these expenses into minimum, but increase the quality of the produced products. According to the Lean Production principle, wastes in manufacturing facility are;

  • Defective parts: Produced defective parts from a manufacturing process are not sold to the customer, so directly waste of sources in manufacturing.
  • Production more parts than required: Excessive parts will not be sold so these products will be the direct waste.
  • Excessive inventories: The storage of produced products will be an expense. Reduction of these storages will be very good saving.
  • Unnecesarry processing steps: It is related to the manufacturing process itself. Reduction of unnecessary sub-processes from a manufacturing will be very good saving.
  • Unnecessary movement of workers: If there is a excessive movement of labor force in manufacturing site, this means that there is a time loss and energy loss.
  • Unnecesarry movement and handling materials: Movement of the material means much more energy is consumed. Prevention of this can be very well saving.
  • Workers waiting: Waiting workers between processes means also time loss. Time loss means profit loss also for a manufacturing facility.

Errors are major problems in manufacturing facility. Prevention of errors means prevention of profit and time loss. Maintenance is also key actor in Lean Production principle. Development of maintenance capabilities mean much more lower errors will be produced from a process. Workers and labor force can involve into the development of the manufacturing process that is called as ‘continuous improvement’ in Lean Production.

Just-in-time delivery system also reduces the storage requirement of a manufacturing process. In just-in-time manufacturing principle, the products will be produced according to by custormer demands directly. No excessive parts are produced in this system. So there is great decrease in storage requirement in manufacturing site.

The logic of Lean Production is like that.

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