The Story of NASTRAN® FEA Software

There are various kinds of FEA software available around the engineering market. According to the customer and user needs, different FEA software is available. One of this FEA software in NASTRAN®. In this article, you can find out summary information about NASTRAN® FEA software. 

What is the NASTRAN® Software?

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NASTRAN® is not dependent on one owner. The first finite element analysis tool that is released as NASTRAN® software is released by NASA for aerospace studies in 1960. These codes are used as a computational finite element analysis tool by NASA. 

But the first commercial release of NASTRAN® as an FEA software is made by The MacNeal-Schwendler Corporation (MSC). After this release, the NASTRAN® source code is released in different packages by different software developer companies. 

Today, NASTRAN® is a fully developed CAE tool that is used by engineers. With different options, NASTRAN® has a pre-processor, post-processor, CAD interface, and other easy-to-use tools to make finite element analysis muıch easier. 

Different Releases of Nastran® FEA Software 

NASTRAN® is released from different software package producers. Here you can see the lift of it. 

MSC® Nastran

As we stated above, MSC® Nastran is the first commercial release of NASTRAN source code to implement it in structural FEA analyses such as stress and strain of engineering models in 1963. After its first release, MSC® NASTRAN is evolved and developed to have tools to solve problems and systems from different engineering disciplines such as; 

  • Rotordynamics from aerospace, 
  • Non-linear and impact studies from mechanical engineering, 
  • Fatigue analysis, 
  • Thermal and CFD analyses, 


It is built by Dr. Richard H. MacNeal’s technology company upon the source code of NASTRAN. Unlimited problem size and high-speed solver technology are the most important features of NASTRAN-xMG®. 


This is another FEA tool that is created to solve mechanical problems. NEi® Nastran is acquired by Autodesk in 2014. 

NX® NASTRAN(Simcenter Nastran)

All the FEA capabilities of NASTRAN® are integrated into NX CAD and Siemens PLM products. With the result of different licensing and copyright subjects, Siemens released NASTRAN® as Simcenter 3D CAE software. 

As you understand, NASTRAN® has a very different history compared with other CAE and FEA software. But according to use, NX® NASTRAN® is the most used one with the other tools of Siemens. 

Recommended YouTube Videos

We can share a bunch of YouTube video links to get to know about NASTRAN®. 

  • Here, you can see the general working principle of Simcenter NX® NASTRAN software. 
  • If you want to make a quick start for NX® NASTRAN, check the video below. 


The small history and products of NASTRAN® can be summarized like above. 

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