Tire Cage is Important Safety Measurement!

In terms of safety, we need to take all the measurements that are stated in the safety standards of the country in which we live. So, we can prevent injuries and accidents that the workers are other people in the worksite that they can get. A tire cage is a general safety application that mechanics are using while inflating the tires of big machines.

Why Do We Need a Tire Cage?

Tire cage.

If you are inflating a tire of a truck or tractor, you need to do it inside a tire cage. Because the pressures o these tires are very high such as 150 PSI. And in the case of any explosion, there can be severe injuries to the operators who are inflating the tire. But if you make the inflation of these tires inside a tire cage, you will minimize the risk of any injury that can take place. They will prevent the high-pressure effect o the tire explosion.

According to the OSHA measurements in the US, you need to have a tire cage if you are inflating the tires of trucks and tractors.

How to Use the Tire Inflation Cage?

There are different kinds of measurements that you need to take for occupational safety. Inflating high-pressure tires is another important one. These are the general points that you need to remember about whşle you are using tire cages general.

Stay Clean from a Tire Cage

While you are using them to inflate the tires, you need to stay clean of the cage structure. No body parts should be inside the cage structure while you’re inflating a tyre. Because the main purpose ıof tej cage structure is to prevent any projectiles from coming to your body.

Use Extension Hoses

While you re inflating the tires inside these cages, you need to use extension cords. The minimum distance must be 10 feet away from the tire structure. This will provide very good safety while you are dealing with tire inflation.

Adjust the Cage to Safest Position

You need to adjust the tire inflation cage to the safest position. You need to stay behind the inflation cages to prevent any kind of injury. According to the standards, you need to adjust the placement of the inflation cage that you have.

Placement of Tire Cage

You need to place them at least 3 feet away from another object. Because in the case of any explosion, you can easily prevent any injuries that can take place from the other objects. And also, you need to fix them to the ground according to the instructions of the manufacturer. You need to comply with the standards while you are applying these kinds of safety measurements.

Use Safety Glasses

Safety glasses are very important parts of tire inflation applications with tire cages. While you are inflating tires, you need to wear safety glasses that are durable to prevent any eye injuries in the case of an explosion.

Inflate the Tire from 3 Feet Away From Other Objects

While you are inflating the tire with them, you need to place the tire minimum of 3 feet away from the other objects in the area. It is very important because, in the case of any explosion, it can be very harmful to other objects.

Inspect the Tire After Inflation

Once the tire inflation takes place, you need to inspect the tire inside the cage if it is suitably seated and locked by itself. After ensuring that the tire inflation is successful, you can take the tire from the cage.

Delete the Tire If Any Further Adjustments are Needed

While you re using one of them, and you need to adjust, you need to deflate the tire inside the cage and make the adjustments. After that, you can inflate the tire again. It must be prohibited to get close below 10 feet to the inflated tire inside the cage.

Do Not Make Changes with Hammers to Tire the Cage

After the inflation of the tire is completed, do not make any kinds of changes to the tire cage with hammers or with other tools while the tire is in the inflated position. Before making any changes, you need to be sure that the tire inside the cage must be deflated.

These are the general points to remember while you are using them that you are using to inflate heavy tires in general.

According to the Occupational Safety and Heath Administration, the use of tire cages is compulsory for multi-piece rims.

Prices of a Tire Cage

According to the size and the applications, you can find different kinds of them available in the market. If we talk about the general prices, you can find different kinds of them from $500 to $1500. So, it is very important to have one of them if your company is making tire inflation applications in general.

Last Words

In terms of occupational safety, you need to have one of these cages and install it according to the directions that standards are giving. Because they are very important in terms of the safety of the operators. The pressure inside the big tires is very high. And in the case of any explosion, very bad accidents can take place.


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