Top 10 Books to Learn AutoCAD® from Beginner to Advanced!

AutoCAD® is a very important and one of the most used software in various fields of engineering. AutoCAD® is released on yearly basis from Autodesk which produces different types of design and engineering software. All over the world, the ability to use AutoCAD® tools in your profession gives you extra value and extra skill which you can find better jobs in your area. In this article, you can find the best book to learn AutoCAD® from a beginner to an advantage in your specific application area. 

AutoCAD® is Used in Different Fields of Engineering

For example in mechanical engineering, AutoCAD® is commonly and mainly used in technical and engineering drawing generation of parts. Because AutoCAD® 2D tools provide various kinds of useful tools to obtain technical drawings according to the standards without any difficulty.

Another area in mechanical engineering that AutoCAD® is heavily used is the plumbing design of buildings. AutoCAD® MEP is a special tool that includes implementing complex plumbing designs at the engineering level. 

For electrical engineers, AutoCAD® Electrical is also another tool that electrical circuit designers are heavily using it. 

Examples of fields that which AutoCAD® is used can be enhanced. 

Different Prices, Different Levels

While we are selecting the AutoCAD® tutorial books, we considered all the people from different financial opportunities. All the books below have different advantages for different AutoCAD® users. AutoCAD® is a very big platform and different people may willing to learn different tools from it. You can find a comprehensive examination of different AutoCAD® books for different professions. 

Top 10 AutoCAD® Books to Learn! 

These books are selected by professional engineer editors of Mechanicalland! 

1- Practical Autodesk AutoCAD® 2021 and AutoCAD® LT 2021: A no-nonsense, beginner’s guide to drafting and 3D modeling with Autodesk AutoCAD 

If you are a mechanical engineer or an architect and you want to learn AutoCAD® 2D sketching and 3D modeling, this is prepared for you. This book starts with the most basic commands and concepts and elaborates on the most complex projects and problems. 

You will learn not only AutoCAD® and AutoCAD® LT, but you will also learn general CAD fundamentals that can be applied to lots of kinds of other programs and disciplines. 

You will be able to create complex 3D shapes and 2D sketches after reading and learning this AutoCAD® book. 

You will be able to use dynamic blocks and xRef tools in AutoCAD®. 

Compared with other books, it is much cheaper and you can acquire a kindle version besides the paperback version. 

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2- CADFolks, AutoCAD® 2022 For Beginners

If you are a beginner and you want to make a new start in AutoCAD® 2D and 3D CAD modeling, this book will be very vital for your start. You can use it as a reference book while you are using AutoCAD® commands. The examples and projects in this AutoCAD® book are generally for architects which include floor plans, roof, and wall details, etc. 

The Paperback version of it is very cheap compared with other books. 

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3- Brian C. Benton, George Omura; Mastering AutoCAD® 2021 and AutoCAD® LT 2021

Autodesk provides different levels of examinations to give AutoCAD® certifications to its users. These certifications are very good for your background and CV to find the best jobs in the engineering and architecture fields. 

This book is a very good alternative to prepare for these AutoCAD® certification examinations, you can prepare yourself to acquire these certifications with the example inside this book. Also, you will have a great ability to create 3D models with AutoCAD® tools with this book. 

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4- CADArtifex – 100 AutoCAD® Exercises – Learn by Practicing: Create CAD Drawings by Practicing with these Exercises

This book can be very good for AutoCAD® users to remember their AutoCAD® drawing skills or improve their drawing and creating 3D model skills. There are 100 well-explained AutoCAD® exercises in this book which is prepared by CADArtifex. 

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5- Paul Richard, Introduction to AutoCAD® 2020: A Modern Perspective

You can be a technical drawing creator and you want to learn about a new software program to do it. If you want to learn all the AutoCAD® 2D commands from beginner to advanced, you can acquire one of these books. 

Introduction to AutoCAD® 2020: A Modern Perspective book includes lots of 2D AutoCAD® exercises and applications related to real field examples. You can master your 2D drawing skills by learning AutoCAD® 2D sketching tools with this book. 

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6- AutoCAD® 2021 Instructor by SDC Publications

This is another important and useful book about learning AutoCAD® 2021 with all the commands. The most important feature that AutoCAD® 2021 Instructor book offer is all the examples and explanations is given with tons of illustrations. If you are a visual learner and want to improve your AutoCAD® skills, this book will be the biggest companion in this way. 

You can use these problems in your professional career where you are using AutoCAD® extensively as a reference. 

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7- CADCIM, AutoCAD® Electrical 2020 for Electrical Control Designers

AutoCAD® is a very important software for electrical engineers to design electrical circuits and electrical projects for the buildings. There are lots of kinds of projects that can be implemented by using AutoCAD® tools such as electrical engines. If you are an electrical engineer or electrical technician and willing to learn AutoCAD® electrical, you can acquire AutoCAD® Electrical 2020 for Electrical Control Designer book. 

In this book, all the related commands in AutoCAD® electrical are explained in detail. There are lots of projects with lots of illustrations to learn and gain skills to implement in professional electrical projects.

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8- CADCIM, Exploring AutoCAD® Civil 3D 2018

Civil engineering and civil engineering projects can be very burdensome to overcome for civil engineers. There must be proper software to overcome these projects and see whether this project is applicable or not. AutoCAD® provides very extensive tools to make civil engineering projects professionally. In civil engineering, AutoCAD® is one of the most used books in the world. 

If you are willing to learn about AutoCAD® civil at the engineering level, you can consider the Exploring AutoCAD® Civil 3D 2018 book. In this book, AutoCAD® 3D 2018 is comprehensively explained and all the tools are completely explained with tons of example projects. Assemblies, subassemblies, corridors, parcels, gradings, pipe networks pressure networks and are explained in detail. 

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9- Elise Moss- Autodesk AutoCAD® Architecture 2022 Fundamentals

AutoCAD® is also one of the most used software programs by architects around the world. Architectural projects are easily implemented and modeled in the AutoCAD® Architecture software program. 

Autodesk AutoCAD® Architecture 2022 Fundamentals book is vital for those who want to learn about AutoCAD® Architecture and implement architectural projects in real life in a professional manner. In this book, the desktop features of AutoCAD® Architecture are explained. Site plans, floor plans, space planning, roofs, structural members, ceilings, rendering of created projects, and documentation of projects are explained with example projects. 

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10- SDC Publications, Technical Drawing 101 with AutoCAD® 2022

The technical drawing is a very important communication language between mechanics and mechanical engineers around the world. You need to obey the rules and standards of technical drawing and engineering drawing in a professional manner. In general, software packages are used to create engineering drawings and one of the most used software packages is AutoCAD®. 2D commands of AutoCAD® are very useful to create professional technical drawings from scratch. 

In this book, the essentials of technical drawing, multiview drawings, traditional and modern drafting methods in AutoCAD®, CAD essentials, isometric drawings, mechanical drawings, and architectural drawings are completely explained. 

Two capstone projects will be very vital for you to gain the required skills in technical drawing with AutoCAD®. Also, complete information about technical drawing standards is included in the book. 

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Kindle, Paperback, and Used Versions are Available on! 

According to your needs and learning skills, different versions of books are available on You can find Kindle and pdf versions of books if you want to open them on your laptops, tablets, and other devices. 

If you have financial limitations, you can consider the used versions of these books. There are other sellers on who are selling used versions of the books at lower prices. 

Or you can prefer paperback versions which will be sent to your address. 


As you understand, AutoCAD® is a very extensive software that can be used in many projects and many disciplines. AutoCAD® is a leading software in CAD and design and it will be a very valuable asset in your CV if you learn about your area. 

Do not forget to leave your comments and questions below about the AutoCAD® and AutoCAD® books! If you have additional suggestions to learn AutoCAD®, leave them to us and other readers! 

Your precious feedbacks are very important to us!


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