Torque Calculator and Torque – Power Relationship

In this engineering calculation content, we will show you how to calculate torque quickly. With these torque calculators, you will be able to quickly calculate the torques of physical systems. Also, in the publication of all these, we will explain the torque-power relationship calculator you need to know. With the torque calculator, you can make calculations easily.

What is Torque Calculator For?

Torque calculator.
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When starting any project, one of the most important features that the user should know about a physical system is torque. If the motor torque information is not available, the torque must be measured or calculated.

Also, if you know the power and speed of the engine you have, you can calculate the torque of your engine by using the torque calculator below. In this article, the unit of power you should use is Watt, and the number of revolutions is the number of revolutions your engine completes in one minute(rpm).

Torque Calculator

Pi is considered to be 3.141592653589793

What is Torque?

Torque is the thrust or torque transmitted from the engine to the moving parts (wheel, gear, track…etc). In an assembly with a wheel attached to the shaft of a motor, as shown in the figure below, torque is equal to force multiplied by the length of the motor shaft. (T = F x d). The unit of torque in Newton-meters (Nm).

The power of a motor is equal to its torque multiplied by its angular velocity. ( P = T x w ) Motor power (P) is equal to the product of the voltage applied to the motor and the current drawn by the motor. ( P = V x I ) The angular velocity is twice the frequency of the motor (the number of revolutions the motor completes in one second) multiplied by the pi number. ( w = 2 x pi x f )

You can easily calculate it with the torque calculator.

Work Done with Torque Application;

The work done is the force multiplied by the distance the force has traveled, and,

W = Fs (1)

W = work done (J, Nm)

F = Force (N)

s = distance moved by the force (s)

For angular motion,

Work done by torque application.

The work done can be expressed as

W = F θ r

= T θ (2)

W = Work (Joules)

θ = Angle (radians)

r = Radius (m)

T = Torque or moment (Nm)

transmitted power

Power is the ratio between the work done and the time taken and can be expressed as,

P = W / dt

= T θ / dt = T ω = 2πnT = 2 π (nrpm / 60) T = 0.105 nrpm T (3)

P = Power (Watts)

dt = Elapsed time (s)

ω = θ / dt = 2 π n = Angular velocity (rad/s)

n = Speed (Revolutions/s)

nrpm = Speed (Revolutions/min, rpm)

Note! – a machine must rotate to generate power! A machine without rotational motion can provide torque like an electric motor – but because distance does not move forcibly – no power is produced. As soon as the machine starts to spin, power is generated.

Example – Torque required for power generation

A machine spins at 3000 rpm (rpm) and uses 5 kW. The torque on the shaft can be calculated by replacing (3).

T = P / 2 π n

= (5 kW) (1000 W/kW) / 2 π (3000 rev/min) / (60 sec/min)

= 15.9 Nm

Example torque application.

When calculating power in AC motors, the motor torque is multiplied by the angular velocity. ( P = T x w ) The power of the motor (P) is also equal to the product of the current and voltage of the motor and the power factor. ( P = √3 x V x I x COS φ ). Furthermore, the angular velocity is twice the frequency of the motor (the number of revolutions the motor completes in one second) multiplied by the pi number. ( w = 2 x pi x f ). You can do all of these things in a torque calculator.

Moment (N.m) = 9.5488 x Power (kW) / Velocity(RPM).

What is the Torque? Importance of Torque Calculator

Torque: Vector, Nm, or Lb, which determines the effect of force to rotate an object, a point, or an axis. So, it is measured in. In general

What is Velocity?

Velocity: The amount of rotation per unit time (rpm)

Torque, Velocity, and Power Calculation

Moment Calculator

Velocity Calculator

Power Calculator

How to Use Torque, Velocity, and Power Calculator?

The use of the moment, velocity, and power calculator is very simple. First of all, you need to select what you want to calculate from the drop-down list above. After doing it, you need to enter the required values inside the brackets then click on the ‘Calculate’ button. If you want to make another calculation, click on the ‘Reset’ button. With the torque calculator, you can easily overcome this situation.

Shafts are very important mechanical elements in engineering. And they are generally used for the transmission of power. Also, power is now produced with electric motors or internal combustion engines. And shafts are attached to these motors. And the other end of these shafts is attached to the other portions of the machinery which will do the expected work. So, a torque calculator is very important for shafts.

So, designing the shafts is a very important engineering problem. 

Here, we explain how to calculate the power transmitted by a shaft. 

How to Calculate The Shaft Power?

Mechanical shaft application(Image

Here, we will show you how to calculate the power transmitted by a shaft, in terms of horsepower and Watt. This is also about the torque calculator.

Firstly, you need to know the Torque value transmitted by the shaft. Torque can be calculated easily for a shaft, undergoing certain situations. 

Then you need to calculate the angle turned per minute, in terms of the radians.

Here we created calculators that you can easily calculate the shaft power both in horsepower and Watt.

Power Calculator of Rotating Shafts

As you see above, there is a very simple list that you can select for the power calculation both according to the ‘horsepower’ and ‘Watts’. And then, select one of them and enter the required values inside the brackets. This is the same with the torque calculator.

Then click on the ‘Calculate!’ button to see the result. If you want to do another kind of calculation, click on the ‘Reset’ button then re-enter the values. 

Please enter the values correctly with the given units. If your units are not coincident with the given units, you can use the MB-Unit Converter tool. 

Conclusion on Torque Calculator

So, as you see above, the calculation of the torque and power calculators is very simple.

Above all, Mechanicalland does not accept any responsibility for calculations made by users in calculators. A good engineer must check calculations again and again.

Furthermore, you can find out much more calculators like in Mechanicalland! Take a look at the other engineering calculators available in Mechanicalland!

Finally, do not forget to leave your comments and questions below about the torque and power calculator.

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