Transfer Molding Of Polymer Matrix Composites

Transfer molding is originally used for the molding of thermosetting polymers. In principle, thermosetting polymer charge is prepared in a container and transferred to closed molds by hydraulic rams. Inside these closed molds, the curing of thermosetting takes place. 

To produce polymer matrix composites, some adjustments are made in the conventional transfer molding process, according to the PMC products. Here, we explain several of these types of transfer molding processes to produce polymer matrix composites.

Transferring of liquid resin on prepared composite reinforcements(Image Source:/

Different Types Of PMC Transfer Molding Methods 

As you understand from its name, polymer matrix composites are produced with the thermosetting matrix materials. So, transfer molding operations can be adapted to the production of polymer matrix composites. But the management of the reinforcing agent is very important. 

In one of the techniques, preform mats are placed ın the lower half transfer molding molds. And like in conventional methods, the resin is transferred after the closure of mold halves. High-quality boat hulls, bathtubs swimming pools and products like them can be produced with this method. 

A basic illustration of the resin transfer molding(RTM) process(Image Source:/

In some applications, high-density thermosetting matrices are used. And continuous fiber-reinforcements are applied instead of preform mats. This kind of production application is common in aerospace. 

Another application is that two layers and laid on foam reinforcements and placed into the transfer molding mold. And resin is transferred inside the mold. When the curing is established, rigid sandwich structures are produced which are lightweight. 


Because composites are brand-new technology in material science and engineering, these composite product manufacturing methods are developing at full speed. 

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