Transpose Of A Matrix In MatLab®(Illustrated Expression)

In this article on Mechanicalland, we will show you how to take the transpose of a matrix or matrices in Matlab®. In some situations, you need to use the transpose of a matrix for a linear algebra calculation in Matlab®. So Matlab® provides various kinds of Linear Algebra commands that one of them is transposing of a matrix.

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How To Transpose A Matrix In Matlab®?

>> a = [1 3 5;7 8 11;100 1 4];
x = a'
y = a'.*5
z = a'+5

x =

     1     7   100
     3     8     1
     5    11     4

y =

     5    35   500
    15    40     5
    25    55    20

z =

     6    12   105
     8    13     6
    10    16     9


If you want to take a transpose of a matrix in Matlab®, you need to only put ‘ next to the name of the matrix in Matlab®.

‘a’ is the created matrix in Matlab® as shown above.

‘x’ is the transposed state of matrix ‘a’ that created only typing a’ in Matlab® Command Window as shown above.

In ‘y’, the transpose of ‘a’ is multiplied by 5 which shows you can use transpose values of matrices in mathematical calculations in Matlab® as shown above.

Also, ‘z’ shows you can do basic mathematical additions or subtractions to transposed values of matrices in Matlab®.


So it is very basic to take the transpose of a matrix in Matlab®.

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