Uniting The Intersecting 3D Geometries In Siemens NX

There can be situations in 3D designing process that you need to unite the intersecting individual geometries in Siemens NX. Uniting these geometries make these geometries one geometry. This can be much more useful in certain cases in Siemens NX. In this article we will show you how to unite intersecting geometries in Siemens NX.

How To Unite The Intersecting Geometries In Siemens NX?

Two of intersecting separate bodies in Siemens NX.

Consider about a situation that you need to combine or unite the two of bodies as above in Siemens NX as shown in blue box. We can understand that, these are the separate bodies as shown by blue arrows above.

Click on ‘Unite’ command in Siemens NX.

To unite these features in Siemens NX, click on ‘Unite’ command as shown by blue arrow above.

Click the select ‘Target’ and ‘Tool’ in ‘Unite’ command.
United geometric features in Siemens NX.

As you can see above with blue arrow, the unite option is done by clicking on OK or Apply in the ‘Unite’ command.

So uniting features or geometries in Siemens NX is very easy with ‘Unite’ command as above.

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