Velocity Ratio Calculator In Worm Gears

To understand the velocity characteristics of worm gear sets, we need to understand the pitch line speed. Pitch line speed is the linear velocity of a point on a pitch circle on one of the worm or wormgear. You can calculate it by using the calculators below, for which one you know.

Pitch Line Speed Calculator For Wormgear Set

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If you know the parameters of worm or gear, you can calculate the pitch line speed by using these parameters in the calculator below.

Pitch Line Speed Calculator For Wormgear(ft/min)

The use of the calculator above is very basic. Just enter the pitch diameter of the worm and the RPM of the wormgear. Click on ‘Calculate!’ to see the pitch line speed that your wormgear system has.

Click on the ‘Reset’ button to make another calculation.

Actually, you can use the calculator above for both worm and gear in your system. If you know the parameters of the worm, enter the worm parameters. If you know the parameters of gear, just enter the gear parameters.

Velocity Ratio Calculator For Wormgear Sets

So, just like ordinary gear systems such as spur gears, or helical gears, the calculation of velocity ratio is very simple.

But we can only calculate the velocity ratio by using the RPM values of worm and gear.

Velocity Ratio Calculator For Wormgears

Just enter the required values above to see the velocity ratio of the worm gear set.


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