Von-Mises Triaxial Distortion Stress Calculator

Von-Mises Triaxial Distortion Stress Calculator


What Is Von-Mises Triaxial Stress?

In general, Von-Mises stress calculated via biaxial principal stresses. But in some cases, you need to use three elements of principal stresses to calculate von-mises stress, on a three dimensional stress element. Von-Mises stress is calculated by this formula;

SigmaPrime is the Von-Mises stress. Sigma1 is the biggest principal stress value and Sigma3 is the smallest principal stress valueç Sigma2 is the middle one. You need to put your three principal stress values on given formula.

These calculators below can be companion of you;

General Von Mises Stress Calculator For Biaxial Stresses

Principal Stress Calculator

Von-Mises stress is generally used for ductile materials. If your material is brittle such as ceramics, concrete etc. it is not proper to use this formula to calculate your Von-Mises stress.

Calculated Von-Mises stress must be compared with tensile strength of your material. This tensile stregth is also must be divided with ‘Safety Factor’. This safety factor changes according to your material, application and other parameters.

How To Use Von-Mises Triaxial Distortion Stress Calculator?

The use of Von-Mises stress calculator is very basic actually. You just need to enter your Sigma1, Sigma2 and Sigma3 values in brackets that are shown by red arrows above. Then press on ‘Calculate!’ button to calculate. If you want to make an another calculation, just click on ‘Reset’ button.

Take care about your UNITS! Units are very important. You need to enter consistent units of stress values to obtain correct results.

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