Websites Using AutoCAD®

AutoCAD® is a highly functional vector-based program widely used in architecture and
design. Thanks to AutoCAD®2 or 3 dimensional geometric shapes can be created
independently. The program is also preferred for machinery and automation. AutoCAD® is
used in many subjects, from furniture decoration to the machinery industry. The fact that
AutoCAD® is used in many sectors also allows the program to be preferred on so many
websites. Here are some of the websites using AutoCAD®.

Which Websites are Using AutoCAD®?

2D and 3D modeling of AutoCAD® capability are also widely used by dress designers. As a
result, many brands and their employees prefer to use this program. The world-renowned
Lewis brand uses AutoCAD®. Officially owned by Lewis Inc., revenue ranges from 1m to

The website belongs to Federal Emergency Management Agency. The revenue of the United
States of America-based site is below 1000 m. FEMA alerts people to dangers such as
protecting, preparing, evading, and responding. At the same time, it reduces all the hazards
that may occur and helps in recovery and maintenance. In this respect, the benefits of
AutoCAD® to people are numerous. The program plays a critical role in a better and more
detailed understanding of the subjects mentioned by visualizing them.

AutoCAD® is used on, the website of The Durst Organization Inc., based in the
United States. The Durst Organization has been working on community, integrity,
sustainability, and innovation for over a century. Especially the environmental responsibility
awareness is extremely high. As well as constructing residential buildings and office towers, it
develops, manages, and owns them.

AutoCAD® and Operating Systems

AutoCAD® mainly works on Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, Android, and iOS operating
systems. Supporting Visual Basic and AutoLISP provides numerous benefits to users. For this
reason, the program is used by architects and engineers as well as technicians, drafters, and
graphic designers. The official website of AutoCAD® is

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