What is Altair® Hyperworks® and Where is It Used?

FEA software packages are very important for different engineering disciplines and engineering level design. It provides a very extensive mathematical background to simulate and model complex engineering systems. If FEA calculations are made or integrated with computers, the calculation of complex engineering systems will be more effective and time-saving. We are examining these studies in terms of CAE, and computer-aided engineering. 

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There are numerous FEA and CAE software used in the R&D departments of big companies, professional engineers, and academicians. One of them is Altair® Hyperworks®. 

What is Altair® Hyperworks®? 

Hyperworks® is a CAE software and FEA tool that is released by Altair® Engineering which is based in Michigan, US. 

Hyperworks® includes very useful tools for; 

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics(CFD) is mainly used by aerospace engineers, experts that are working on aerodynamics studies, and other specific engineering areas which consist of fluid as a part of the system. 
  • Fatigue analysis is also a very important part of design engineering to define the lifecycle of parts that are used in engineering systems. 
  • Mechanical analyses which are dependent on transient and steady-state dynamics or statics,
  • Thermal analyses include solid-solid interfaces and solid-liquid interfaces which is also called CHT analysis. 
  • Electronic system design, simulation of electric and electronic components. 
  • Design of complex engineering structures such as manufacturing plants etc. 

Altair® Hyperworks® YouTube Channel

On the YouTube channel of Altair® Engineering, you can find information and tutorials about all the capabilities of Hyperworks® FEA software. Take a look at the videos and playlists below to have an understanding of Hyperworks®; 

  • In this playlist, you can find all the videos related to Altair® engineering and which field they are working and studying. 
  • Take a look at the system modeling playlist to see in which kinds of projects Hyperworks® is used; 
  • In this playlist, you can have information about the thermal and fluid capabilities of Hyperworks®; 
  • In manufacturing sites and systems, there are lots of interconnected mechanical systems. You can see the use of HyperWorks® FEA software in these systems; 
  • Hyperworks® FEA software is also used in electronics. Check the playlist below in which kinds of projects and systems this FEA software is used; 


Hyperworks® FEA software is mainly used by professionals to simulate the theoretically designed systems. 

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