What Is Manufacturing Engineering?

To understand the duties and responsibilities of a manufacturing engineer, we need to understand what is manufacturing. Manufacturing of the designed part is the most important and valueable process of the product lifecycle. And there are lots of manufacturing processes exist to produce limitless kinds of products for daily usage. To produce limitless kinds of products, we need to have lots of kinds of manufacturing processes. So a specialist person needed to be hired to desing these manufacturing processes to procudes various kinds of customer products.

What Are The Duties Of A Manufacturing Engineer?

Relatively each kinds of products have special manufacturing process. Yes, some of products could have same manufacturing process, but the layout of these same manufacturing processes are different. For example, you need to produce different shapes of metal parts by casting process with same metal. The casting mold shapes are different, shrinkage characteristics are different, pouring gates for these different parts are different. As you can see, there are lots of different parameters for nearly same products in same production technique. And calculation of these parameters are not quite easy. These parameters also interdependent parameters to each other. This situation valid for roughly all the types of manufacturing processes.

As you understand from above, there must be a employee that need to design anc calculate all these parameters to produces specific products succesfully. These employees are called as ‘manufacturing engineers’. It is very important and promising engineering branch for industry.

The biggest advantage for manufacturing engineering is, you can learn a production process that you interested in, wherever you want. For example, if you are from an undeveloped country, this country will probably have an industry that produces customer products, so manufacturing processes of them, if it is not a specific kind of product. So, you can learn all the process parameters in that industry then you can work whenever you want in the world. Because, these kinds of customer production processes are exist in everywhere, and you know how to do it as a manufacturing engineer.

But think about an electronics engineer, he/she can learn the production of electronic parts in certain places in the world, because there is no places to produce these high technology electronic products at everywhere in the world.

A manufacturing enginerr must have very good numerical and mathematical skills to calculate the process parameters to achive succesfull production of specific products. Generally, design of all the process parameters depend on the mathematical calculations.

As Mechanicalland, we strongly recommend being a manufacturing engineer because of these facts…

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