What is SAMCEF®? Where It is Used in Engineering?

FEA software is intensely used in nearly all kinds of engineering disciplines. Especially in mechanical engineering, FEA and CAE software are very important tools to simulate different kinds of physical engineering problems and systems. Before seeing the prototype, FEA simulations are useful to see the near-real models in computers. 

In terms of this fact, there are various kinds of FEA software available in the engineering market. According to the need of the customer, one of this FEA software can be considered. 

There are different kinds of customers for CAE and FEA software; students who are dealing with modeling and simulating the required engineering model, academics who are dealing with projects and models at an academic level, and large companies who are developing engineering products to market around the world. 

What is the Place of SAMCEF® Around Other FEA Software?

In mechanical engineering and mechanical design, SAMCEF® is a very good selection because the reason for the development of the SAMCEF® is mainly for mechanical applications. There are different kinds of tools in SAMCEF® software that can use by developers and engineers. 

Linear Analyses

In mechanical design, the linear analysis approach is generally used to design engineering systems. There are various tools for linear engineering analysis in SAMCEF® software. Static linear problems, modal analysis, harmonic response, buckling, and reaction to random vibration problems can be modeled and solved with the SAMCEF® Linear module. 

Non-Linear Systems

Non-linearities are the facts of real-life problems. SAMCEF® provides a module to solve non-linear problems which are named SAMCEF® Mecano. Multi-body simulations of non-linear static and dynamic analyses can be modeled and solved with this FEA module of the SAMCEF®. 

Thermal Engineering Problems

Non-linear and linear thermal FEA analyses can be solved with SAMCEF® FEA software. Transient and steady-state thermal analyses, conduction, convection, and radiation problems are solved with SAMCEF® FEA software. 

Wind Turbine Design

Wind energy is a very important sector in engineering and it is developing at a rapid pace. SAMCEF® FEA software includes a specific module to design wind turbines at the engineering level. 

Electrical Design

In production lines at factories and manufacturing sites, various kinds of electrical transport lines and sub-stations must be designed according to different external conditions. These external conditions can include winds, short circuits, and low or high temperatures. SAMCEF® provides a special FEA module to design these kinds of systems. 


Rotating devices are one of the most important aspects of engineering. There are various kinds of engineering systems with rotating machinery such as gas turbines, pumps, compressors, turbos, turbojet/turbofan engines, etc. 

SAMCEF® has a special FEA module to design these rotor dynamical applications, which includes Campbell diagrams, and blade design calculations based on 1D, 2D, and 3D models and simulations.


So, SAMCEF® is an advanced FEA software that can be used in various sub-disciplines of mechanical engineering. There is another fact about SAMCEF® FEA software that, it is a part of Simcenter. 

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