What Is Silhouette Defeaturing In Solidworks 2021?

You know that Solidworks has very good system of assemlying the designed parts inside it. Compared with other CAD tools, Solidworks’s assembly tools are very extensive amd very supplier to user’s demands. In every version of Solidworks, lots of innovations are made and in every versions Solidworks software gets better and better. You know that Solidworks 2021 will be released in later on and wil have lots of innovations inside it compared with other versions.

One of this innovations will be Silhouette Defeaturing. It will be very useful innovation and tool in Solidworks 2021 assemblies.

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What Is Silhouette Defeaturing In Solidworks 2021?

You Solidworks, you can combine various of machine parts by using Solidworks assembly tools. You can save this assembly fully to your computer. So Slihouette Defeating of Solidworks 2021 will provide; you can save a simplified assembly inside the Solidworks 2021 assembly.

Sihouette Defeaturing provides the saving of simplified assemblies in Solidworks 2021 that gives the versatility to save assemblies as much more simplified form in Solidworks 2021.

So you can open these simplified new assemblies in Solidworks 2021 like parts that you are using in assemblies again.


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