What is SimScale®? How SimScale® is Used in Engineering?

CAE software has a very important place in designing complex engineering structures. The greatest advantage of CAE software is, that you can see the intended and unintended results of the designed system, without producing a prototype which means extra cost. 

For example, you can model a complex wind turbine gear system to see whether it works in the way of the purpose of design. You just need to build a proper computational background to simulate the physical model with a computational source. 

There are various kinds of finite element analysis software available. According to your purpose, you can choose one of them to implement in your projects or company. One of this software is the SimScale®. You can find pretty good information about SimScale® engineering software here. 

What Is SimScale®?

SimScale® is an engineering simulation software which is working with a cloud-based system. Very complex engineering designs can be modeled and simulated especially in these topics; 

  • Finite element analysis, 
  • Thermal computing and simulation,
  • CFD analysis

The biggest advantage of SimScale® software is, is open-source software. Compared with other software, it is also newer and entered to market in 2013. 

Open-Source Codes!

The biggest advantage of SimScale® is that is open-source software. Real engineers and professionals will understand the value of free CAE software from their student years. Nearly all the mainstream CAE software is very high priced which a normal academic and student person may not afford. 

But with an open-source CAE software, students and academicians can develop and simulate their projects and designs for free. One may think that software can be installed on a computer in an illegal way which can also be very harmful both for computers and commercial software developers. But you can not make any formal work with this illegally installed software. Mechanicalland strictly informs users to not install this commercial software in illegal ways. 

Solutions like SimScale® can be very good for formal studies. 

FEA Module of SimScale® Software

Finite element analysis is a very useful mathematical tool to solve complex engineering problems in different disciplines. In lots of engineering disciplines, FEA is used by engineers. If an engineering problem can not be solved via conventional methods related to that discipline, FEA is a very useful tool to see accurate results. 

SimScale® software provides a very developed FEA module in that all the mathematical background is solved with computational analysis. 

Open-source codes are provided by the SimScale® FEA module in which; 

  • Structural static and dynamic analyses, 
  • Fatigue and damage analyses, 
  • Fracture, contact, and multiphysics analyses,

can be solved. 

CFD Module of SimScale® Software

Computational fluid dynamics, with its abbreviation CFD, is also a very useful tool to simulate fluid mechanics and dynamics problems that are very hard to solve with conventional methods. SimScale® provides a special CFD tool which is called OpenFoam. 

Steady-state and transient fluid problems can be solved with the OpenFoam CFD module of SimScale®.

Thermal Module of SimScale®

The OpenFoam module of SimScale® is also used in thermal analyses between solid-solid and solid-liquid analyses. Thermomechanical analyses are also calculated with Code_Aster and CalculiX open-source modules which are generally used in structural analyses. 

With the modules of SimScale®, these kinds of problems can be solved; 

  • Conjugate heat transfer(CHT) in which thermal relations between solid and liquid structures are calculated. 
  • Design of heat exchangers, heaters, coolers, etc. 
  • Steady-state and transient thermomechanical simulations… 

Which CAD Files Can Be Opened in SimScale®?

SimScale® allows the opening of various types of geometry file extensions such as: .STEP, .İGES, .BREP, Solidworks, Rhinoceros 3D, Parasolid… 

The mesh file extension of OpenFoam is generally; UNV, EGC, MED, and CGNS. 

YouTube Channel of SimScale®

On the official YouTube channel of SimScale®, you can find various kinds of webinars about technical and engineering topics which are applied to SimScale® software. 

Here you can find On-demand webinars on SimScale® software

Also, you can find different kinds of free tutorials in different engineering disciplines such as CFD, Thermal, FEA, etc. based on the SimScale® software.

  • For example, you can find a SimScale® demonstration of rotating machinery;
  • Simulation of crane structure in SimScale®; 
  • Conjugate Heat Transfer in SimScale®; 


As you understand, SimScale® and its modules are well-developed and easily accessible by different professionals.

Do not forget to leave your comments and questions below about the SimScale® FEA software! 


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