What Is The Batch Production In Manufacturing(Illustrated Expression)

As we explained in another article, there is a classification of manufacturing sites according to their production size in a year basis. This production size defines the production manner of the manufacturing facilities. Medium sized manufacturing facilites are produce products around 100-10000 units of products in a year, and this is a general classification for manufacturing sites. In this article we will explain the Batch Production logic in medium-sized production sites.

Batch Production In Manufacturing Facilities

Process layout in batch production.

In medium-sized manufacturing facilities, if the product variety is high, the batch production manner can be solution for this kinds of facilities. In batch production facilities, there are fixed manufacturing equipments and this manufacturing equipments are used in the production of these wide variety of products.

Consider about the production of 2 types of different product can be produced with same manufacturing equipment. The first product is the first batch, and the second product is the second batch. So there are separate times to produces these parts, because production of these different parts requires different working scheme of the same manufacturing equipments.

For example after the production of the first batch of products, there is a time required to re-arrange the manufacturing equipments to produce the second and different batch of product. This time interval in batch manufacturing is the biggest disadvantage of batch production manner.

The production of these different products has a make-to-stock manner. So the batch of the product is produced and deposited to the inventory. According to the customer demand, the inventory is replenished with the produced product from the batch.

The generaly working principle of the batch production manner is the process layout. Each production step and type has its own process in the manufacturing site. So the arrangements of these processes are changed in time intervals between batches.

General logic of Batch production can be explained like this.

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