What Is The Exact Meaning Of ‘Mass Production’ And Related Terms

The meaning of mass production actually has no exact borders. It depends on the demand and production rate of the manufactured product. But in tecnical terms, high production is classified as 10000 to millions of product manufacturing in a year which is also called as mass production.

What Are The Terms Of Mass Production?

Mass production have generally two models; Quantity production and Flow line production.

Quantity production is the manufacturing line that produces only one type of part in very high amounts with very high amounts of demands. There is a special manufacturing workstation that dedicated to produce the one type product everytime. Process and cellular layouts are generally used in this type of production.

Flow lin production is a mass manufacturing model that has various kinds of separate manufacturing workstations inside them. Also one type of product is produces again but the every workstation makes different job to manufacture the product. The product travels around the workstation with conveyors generally. Product layout is generally used in this mass manufacturing model. The most important example for the flow line production is assembly line of car production or household productions.

But there can be a different ‘soft varieties’ in similar products according to the customer demands and marketing strategy of the product. To overcome this situation in mass production of soft variety of same products, mixed-model production line is generally used. For example, it can different models of same car can be manufactured in same assembly line in same factory.

The general explanation of mass production can be like that.

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