Kelvin Temperature Scale

They use various temperature scales around the world and in different unit systems. One of them is the Kelvin temperature scale. Furthermore, the Kelvin temperature scale is very special if we compare it with Celsius. Here, we explain why. 

What is Kelvin? 

Kelvin temperature scale in thermodynamics.
Kelvin is mainly used in thermodynamics calculations(Image Source: Wikimedia.).

Kelvin is a temperature scale that we use mainly in scientific calculations such as chemistry and thermodynamics. Also, they define the limits and the range of the Kelvin temperature scale in different ways if we compare with the Celsius one. And also, we define the Celsius temperature scale by the boiling temperature and freezing temperature of the water in 1 atm pressure which is a very relative scale that we can not use in scientific calculations. 

But they define the Kelvin scale as the absolute zero point of the universe where all the internal energy of gas atoms and molecules is absolute zero. Because of it, we use it mainly in scientific calculations. Lord Kelvin is a Scottish scientist that applied this absolute zero notion to all gases in thermodynamics. Kelvin temperature scale takes its name from Lord Kelvin. 

Temperature Scale Conversions to Kelvin

Firstly, in physics and the world, 4 main temperature scales that people use in scientific calculations. These 4 main temperature scales are; Kelvin, Rankine, Celsius, and Fahrenheit.

Conversion Between Fahrenheit(°F) and Kelvin(K)

If you are an American who is dealing with scientific temperature calculations, you will probably use the conversion between the Fahrenheit and Kelvin; 

K = (°F+ 459,67)×1.8

To make a conversion between Fahrenheit and Kelvin, you just need to use the formulation above. To find Fahrenheit, you just need to divide the Kelvin by 1.8 and subtract 459.67 from this value. Also, for the opposite one, you need to add 459,67 to Fahrenheit and multiply this value by 1.8 to find Kelvin.

Conversion of Celsius

This is maybe the most used temperature conversion by the people. Most people are using the Celsius temperature scale because of the SI unit system and Kelvin is the scientific temperature scale. The absolute zero in the Kelvin system is equal to the -273,16°C. So; 

K = °C+273,16 

So you just need to add 273,16 to the Celsius to find the Kelvin equivalent of it. And you just need to subtract 273,16 from the Kelvin to find the Celsius temperature. 

Conversion Between Rankine(R) and Kelvin(K)

Rankine is another scientific temperature scale that is used in the English unit system. If you need to make a conversion between Rankine and Kelvin temperature scales, it is very simple. 

R = 0.55*K 

So, you need to multiply the Kelvin by 0.55 to find the Rankine equivalent of it. And you need to divide the Rankine by 0.55 to find the K equivalent of it. 

Also, Fahrenheit to Celsius and Celsius to Fahrenheit conversion is mainly used by the people.


The general aspect of the Kelvin temperature scale is simple like above. Do not forget to leave your comments and questions below about this topic. 

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