What Is The Origin Of ‘Manufacturing’ Word?

As you know that the civilized world is built upon the manufactuirng of various kinds of customer products. Actually the manufacturing action was being made by people from ancient times especially from first ages of human civilization. Manufacturing is developed year by year, day by day, and the whole accumulation of manufacturing know-how is inherited from our ancestors. If we produce very complicated products today, it because of this accumulation of knowledge.

In terms of very basics, manufacturing is especially the increasing the raw material’s value by processing that material with various techniques. But ‘manufacturing’ term has a very special origin. In this article we will explain this origin of manufacturing.

What Is The Origin Of ‘Manufacturing’ Word?

Manufacturing process.

If we take a look at the linguistic historic roots of ‘manufacturing’ term, we will end up at this is the combination of two of latin words; manufacturing = manus + factus.

In latin language, ‘manus’ means that ‘hand’, also ‘factus’ means that ‘make’. So we can understand that manus+factus in latin language means ‘handmaking’. Today’s ‘manufacturing’ term is derived from this latin words combination.

Manufacturing means civilization. So understanding the term of manufacturing is very important for manufacturers. According to us, every engineer is a manufacturer. So every engineer must know the term of ‘manufacturing’ and it’s fundamentals.

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