Writing Texts On Sketches In Solidworks(Illustrated Expression)

In every CAD programs like Solidworks, there is a texting command to type required notes about the design inside it. In this article we will show you how to type a tex on a skecth in Solidworks and the what are feature of the 2D texting command in Solidwork.

How To Type A Text In Solidworks Sketching?

Enter into the ‘Text’ command in Solidworks sketching.

Type sentences or writings o sketches, click on the ‘Text’ command as shown by red arrow above in Solidworks. To use the ‘Text’ command in Solidworks sketching, you need to have an active sketching operation in Solidworks as above.

Texting in Solidworks sketching.

After entering to the ‘Text’ command in Solidworks sketching, select a curve to fit the writing on it as shown by green arrow above. Then write your notes or sentences to the place that shown in green arrow.

You can change the typing side of curve as shown in red box above. You can write your sentence above the curve or below the curve.

Also you can select whether the writing will typed inversely or normal in orange box region.

Other options for Solidworks text sketching are standard writing options for every sketching applications.

Font options of Solidworks sketch typing.

If you untick the ‘Use document font’ as shown by green arrow above, you can enter the writing spacing value as percentage and widths of the letters according to standards as shown in red box.

You do not need to select a curve, if you do not select a curve as shown by red arrow above, the writing will be placed like above.

Click on little green yes button to complete sketch writing in Solidworks.

To complete the adjustments of sketch texting, click on the little green yes button to compleete the writing as shown by green arrow above in Solidworks.

So it is very basic to type sentences on Solidworks sketchings.

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